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Friday, September 30, 2011

Save 'Free Agents'

Out of all the new shows this season, I've only truly enjoyed two of them. 'Revenge' (which I've already written quite a bit about) and 'Free Agents'.

Unfortunately, 'Free Agents' isn't doing well in the ratings, putting it at high risk for cancellation.

The show focuses on two advertising executives who both recently had major relationship is suffering though a messy divorce (Hank Azaria) while his co-worker lost her fiance about a year ago to a heart attack (Kathryn Hahn). In the premiere episode (and no, this isn't a spoiler, it's revealed in all the previews) they wake up in bed together. But, in typical television fashion, decide that they should 'just be friends'. That's essentially the whole premise of the show. Azaria and Hahn have good chemistry, and I think most people who are watching want to find out how and when they are going to become a real couple.

Please, give 'Free Agents' a can watch the first three episodes on Hulu. It would be a shame if NBC canceled one of the only new comedies this season that holds real promise.

Watch 'Free Agents' Wednesday nights on NBC at 8:30/7:30 C.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wanna bet?

Finally, a betting game for those of us who don't really care that much about baseball or football.

Yep, that's right, it's not fantasy football, it's fantasy TV!

Otherwise known as 'The New York Times Fall TV Ratings Pool'. The deadline for submissions is fast approaching (Oct. 1st) so if you're interested in participating head on over HERE.
If you don't really care about the official poll (or you don't have a NYTimes account) tell me what shows you think deserve to be kicked off the air. Leave a comment!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

'New Girl' has high ratings, gets full season

'New Girl' is now officially signed on for a full season! That means we'll have a total of 24 episodes this year.

After watching last night's episode, I have to admit that I like the show a little bit more than I did before. The pilot just wasn't that great. The second episode had more laughs, and I'm starting to be more accepting of Zooey Deschanel's zany humor...if only because I'm expecting it.

'New Girl' had 9.3 million viewers last night. 'Glee', on the other hand, had only 8.1 million viewers which is significantly decreased from this time last year.

So, good news for 'New Girl', not so good news for 'Glee'. Guess we'll have to see what the future holds...

Wanna bet on what will get canceled and what won't?
Check out the New York Times version of Fantasy Football Television.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New isn't always better than old

I have been less than impressed with the new shows this season. I haven’t stumbled upon a single one that I am going to be religiously watching. I suppose that’s good for the older shows, but it makes me a little disillusioned.

Out of the shows that I’ve sampled so far, I have found a few that I think have some promise.

‘Two Broke Girls’ (Monday, CBS, 8:30 pm) is one show that actually has a few funny moments in each episode. At the same time, a lot of its humor is crude and slightly obnoxious. But I think the show could get good, it just needs some work. Oh, and it might also prove to be one of those shows where the acting gets better as the actors gain experience. I’d recommend giving it a chance.

‘Hart of Dixie’ (Monday, The CW, 9 pm) marks Rachel Bilson’s return to television. It was all right, although if you read my review you’ll see that I had quite a few problems with both the premise and the creative direction it was taking.

‘New Girl’ (Tuesday, FOX, 9 pm) is a show that I’ve already hesitantly reviewed. I wasn’t thrilled with the premiere episode, and I’m not a huge Zooey Deschanel fan (something about her quirky personality disagrees with me), but I’m going to keep watching the show. Again…there’s potential.

‘Ringer’ (Tuesday, The CW, 9 pm) stars Sarah Michelle Gellar in her first return to TV since ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. I quite enjoyed the first episode but didn’t love it enough to remember to watch the second episode. This is definitely a show that needs to be watched episode by episode, so I guess I’d better catch up online.

‘Revenge’ (Wednesday, ABC, 10 pm) is the show that I’ve liked the most this season. It’s a high-paced drama with just the right amount of intrigue and murderous intent. It’s something that ABC does well (‘Brothers and Sisters’, ‘Desperate Housewives’, etc.).

Are there any other new shows that I should be watching?

There goes November...

I just remembered that 'Bones' and 'Rizzoli and Isles' are BOTH coming back in November.

Guess we know what will be eating up all of my time!

'Bones' returns to FOX on November 3rd. 'Rizzoli and Isles' returns to TNT on November 28th.

Monday, September 26, 2011

'Hart of Dixie' is a little more ways than one

I'm only two minutes into 'Hart of Dixie' and I'm already annoyed. The time-line that they've set up for the main character's medical career is even more ridiculous than I thought it would be.

I'm also frustrated by the overdone flashback voiceover and the non-diegetic country music.

Now that I've complained a little bit I'm willing to admit that I may watch this show. If I have nothing better going on.

I love medical shows, and ones that involve big city doctors in small towns are usually amusing.

However, the plot of 'Hart of Dixie' is shockingly similar to the plot of the British television hit, 'Doc Martin'.

Martin is a surgeon from the big city who gets transplanted to a small town due to issues in his personal life. He's not very good with his patients or people in general. But he's really good with medicine.

Sound familiar?

'Doc Martin' is available on Netflix Instant view. 'Hart of Dixie' is on The CW Mondays at 9 pm.

What's Premiering on TV Tonight?

'Hart of Dixie', the new show starring Rachel Bilson (of 'OC' fame), premieres tonight on The CW at 9 pm.

If you can buy Bilson as a high-powered surgeon you'll probably be able to enjoy this show.

Personally, I'm a little confused by the casting choice since once you add in medical school and surgical residency Bilson's character would have to be at least 31 years old (and 34 is more probable), and at barely 30 Bilson doesn't look old enough.

What do you think?

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I've never watched 'Fringe'. Call it lack of time, or lack of interest, but I had plenty of other shows that ruled supreme. That being said, I'd watch it now.

'Fringe' is entering what is may well be its last season, and viewership is down. Way down. According to Entertainment Weekly the show has dropped 21% since January.

Now that a lot of my favorite "darker" shows are not available ('Bones' for one), while I realize that 'Fringe' would not be a true substitute, I'm willing to watch it to balance out all of those comedies.

But I can only watch it if I've seen the first three seasons, that much is clear from the complex plot. Unfortunately, there's no where to do that (legally) online.

If FOX wants to boost ratings for this season, and potentially save the show, they should release the first three seasons. Hulu would be an excellent way to do this, although FOX does already take advantage of as well (which currently has 12 episodes of 'Fringe' uploaded).

I understand that this move might hurt DVD sales, but ultimately, if FOX can increase their total number of viewers than in the long-term DVD sales should increase too.

A limited release of the first three seasons would be a way to increase viewership, and ultimately increase profit. They better do it soon, otherwise no one will have time to get close to catching up during the current season.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's new on TV tonight?

Premieres of 'Community', 'Parks & Rec', and 'The Office' start on NBC tonight at 8 pm. After 'The Office' catch the premiere of 'Whitney'.

Also, 'Grey's Anatomy' is two hours long starting at 9 pm on ABC.

 And 'The Big Bang Theory' returns to CBS at 8 pm.

Emily Deschanel had her baby!

Emily Deschanel (star of 'Bones) has given birth to a baby boy.

She and her husband, David Hornsby ('It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia') welcomed their son Henry Hornsby yesterday.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

'Revenge' is pretty sweet

If you're looking for the perfect Wednesday late-night show I have a recommendation: 'Revenge'. It marks Emily VanCamp ('Brothers & Sisters') return to TV. In fact, unlike the supporting role she had on 'Brothers & Sisters' she is now playing the lead who, consequently, is also called Emily.

'Revenge' is an intelligent show. Built around short flashbacks to Emily's childhood, it's like a frothier and younger version of 'Damages'.


During the first episode we learned a great deal. Emily (VanCamp) used to be called Amanda, back when she was a young child staying at the Hamptons with her father. Her father was involved in a scandal that somehow involved helping to fund the terrorists attacks during 9/11. Disturbed by the fact that her father was not who she thought he was, and legally separated from him due to his legal battles, she spent her teenage years alone. Although we don't yet know why, she eventually ended up serving a prison term. When she was released from prison a strange man, Nolan, greeted her. Nolan claimed to be a friend of her father's, informed her that he had died six months before, and gave her a box that he had left for her. Apparently what was in the box proved that her father was not guilty of any of the crimes that he was accused of, and was betrayed by those he was closest to. Oh, and we also find out that Amanda's father gave Nolan the money to start up his company, and Amanda now has a 49% share.

Amanda, pretending to be a different person named Emily, moves back to the Hamptons.  We quickly learn that the 49% share has made her incredibly wealthy. She asks her friend, Ashley, to describe all of the wealthy people staying at the Hamptons (despite the fact that she knows more about them than Amanda does!). Amanda points out Nolan and explains that his company has done so well that he is wealthier than everyone else. This explains why Amanda has the money to rent a house next to one of the family's who betrayed her father. She then proceeds to cause mayhem in their lives. In this episode alone she poisoned a man, exposed an affair, and effectively got one woman permanently excluded from the Hamptons. She also begins to seduce the son of one of the women who betrayed her father. As she states at the end of the episode she wants one thing: 'Revenge'.

'Revenge': Wednesday, ABC, 10 pm

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

which shows have new episodes tonight?

Shows Premiering Tonight

Now that we've entered the intense premiere week, if you have even one favorite television show you're probably excited.

Unfortunately I missed out on the premiere of 'How I Met Your Mother' yesterday, mainly because I was being responsible and actually looking after the child I was babysitting.

But there are no babies tonight! And that means I'm gearing up for a slew of shows:

'Glee' premieres tonight on FOX at 8 pm

'New Girl' premieres on FOX at 9 pm

'Raising Hope' premieres on FOX at 9:30 pm

'The Biggest Loser' premieres on NBC at 8 pm 

The second episode of 'Ringer' is on the CW at 9 pm

'Body of Proof' premieres on ABC at 10 pm

'Unforgettable' premieres on CBS at 10 pm

The second episode of 'Parenthood' is on NBC at 10 pm

This line-up actually creates a lot of controversy for me...mainly because I'm not a huge fan of any of these shows, but I like most of them. My best guess is that I'll probably watch 'Glee' live (because Facebook will ruin it for me if I don't), watch the middle part of 'The Biggest Loser', and then switch back to FOX to watch 'Raising Hope'. I've already see the pilot episode of 'New Girl', and I don't have any desire to watch it again (even though I'll probably give episode 2 a chance next week).

The biggest problem for me is the 10 pm time slot. In all honesty, the best move would probably be to forgo everything and go to bed instead. But since we all know that's not going to happen what I'll actually watch is pretty iffy. Probably 'Unforgettable', since this is the pilot, and if any of those shows is going to be ruined for me via social media it will probably be that one.

Of course, I'm not going to lie, I'm bound to watch almost every show on that list. I just hope the networks hurry up and post them online as quickly as possible.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

How the Emmys Went Wrong

Problems I had with The Emmys...

1. That awkward Sex dance and song number.
2. Melissa McCarthy's dress.
3. The fog on the ground during the In Memoriam segment.
4. David Boreanaz's side-part.
5. The uncomfortable jokes that the presenters were forced to read.
6. The fact that 'Modern Family' won the first four  awards, making me wonder why I was watching.
7. Juliana Margulies' dress.
8. No one I wanted to win actually won. Except Kate Winslet.

What time? What channel? The Emmys.

It's finally that time of year again...time for the Emmys! Whether you like red carpet action or the actual award show, here's where you can watch it all:

Live red carpet action starts at 6 pm on E!

Countdown begins at 7 pm on FOX

The actual awards show begins (live!) at 8 pm, also on FOX

I'm crossing my fingers for:
Amy Poehler ('Parks and Recreation')*
Alec Baldwin ('30 Rock')*
Jane Krakowski ('30 Rock')
Ed O'Neill ('Modern Family')*
'Parks and Recreation'*
Mariska Hargitay ('Law and Order: SVU')
Hugh Laurie ('House')
Archie Panjabi ('The Good Wife')
John Slattery ('Mad Men')
'The Good Wife'

I've starred the ones that I actually think will win. As you can see, I'll be pretty shocked if more than four of my choices walk away with that gold statuette.

Here's hoping!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

'Life Unexpected' Cast Returns

I may be the only one (low ratings support that statement), but I miss 'Life Unexpected'. The CW show aired for two seasons beginning in 2010.

Two of the lead actors from 'Life Unexpected' have new shows on The CW this fall.

Kristoffer Polaha, who played Baez on 'Life Unexpected', is now a regular supporting character on 'Ringer' (Tuesdays, 9/8C, The CW).

Brittany Robertson, who played Lux on 'Life Unexpected', is now a lead character on another new CW show, 'The Secret Circle' (Thursdays, 9/8C, The CW).

Robertson and Polaha at an event promoting 'Life Unexpected'

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Maybe this is how Craig chooses his favorite guests?

Addendum to my prior post

Apparently it doesn't hurt your chances of being a repeat guest on 'The Late Late Show' if you can do crazy eye tricks.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My New Obesssion: Craig Ferguson

Apparently I've been missing a lot by attempting to be a responsible adult, and going to bed by midnight.

Most noteably, I've been missing 'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson' on CBS!

I'm sure most of you know exactly what I'm talking about, and that I was the only one out of the loop. In case I'm wrong about that, let me tell you a little bit about this genius show:

Craig Ferguson is a hysterical late night show host who's not afraid to say what he wants, including dropping sexual innuendo right and left. His show has originiality that other late night shows lack. After all, what other show has a robot sidekick, no standard interview questions, hand puppets, and repeated appearances by Kristen Bell?

Ferguson famously tears up index cards (which hosts normally use for prewritten interview questions) the moment his celebrity guests begin to sit down. He doesn't bother asking much about what projects they're working on (though he does give them a minute to plug), and more often then not he gets them to reveal actual parts of their personalities. One reason I find the show so appealing is because you can really tell which celebrities are scripted, and which are intelligent enough to spar verbally without a script.

Because the show is based so much on humorous interactions between Ferguson and his guests, he often invites the same celebrities on again and again. Lauren Graham has been on the show numerous times, as has Emily Deschanel and, perhaps most famously, Kristen Bell. Rather remarkably Bell has been a guest on the show 17 times! If you want an introduction to the success of Ferguson's interview technique I suggest you watch him interviewing one of these guests:

Lauren Graham appears on 'The Late Late Show' so late tonight it's actually tomorrow (12:30 am) on CBS.

Will you be watching 'Ringer'?

Sarah Michelle Gellar (of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' fame) is making a much anticipated return to television tonight...will you be watching?

My guess is that the first episode will get an incredible amount of viewers. 'Buffy' was a show which had a mass of fans while it was on the air, and its fandom has only increased since it ended in 2003. It's hard to believe that Gellar (Buffy Summers) hasn't graced our TV sets in the last eight years!

I do have a big concern. Unless the show is a work of pure genius, I see no way that it can live up to its hype. I'm worried that the loyalty of 'Buffy' fans will lead them to tune in, and promptly tune out when they realize that this show is not 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'.

Sarah Michelle Gellar has mentioned in recent interviews that she has such loyal fans, and that this show has everything they want: it has intrigue, it's intelligent, etc. But what's going to happen when many of those fans prove to not be Gellar fans, but Summers fans instead?

'Ringer' premieres tonight (Tuesday, Sept 13th) at 9/8C on The CW.

What do you think? Will you be watching? Will 'Buffy' fans watch the show just because Sarah Michelle Gellar is in it?

Portia de Rossi's return to TV

Portia de Rossi is returning to television.

Just when I was wondering (while I sat on my couch re-watching 'Arrested Development' episodes) whether de Rossi had decided to 'retire' from acting, I got the news that she may be returning to our televisions as early as next Fall.

De Rossi's wife, Ellen Degeneres, is producing her newest show. The as yet unnamed show focuses on the escapades of two sisters (one played by de Rossi). The show recently went through a bidding war, and the lucky winner was NBC.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Analyzing the Summer Finale of 'Rizzoli & Isles'

spoilers from episode airing on 9/12/11
Finales always get a ton of viewers, so it makes sense that TNT promoted this week's episode with the "finale" tagline. But, technically it wasn't a finale at all. Instead the show is going on hiatus, and will be back in November with five new episodes. Considering that this was only the 10th episode of the season, once the November episodes are added in it will actually just be the length of a normal season.

One of the biggest problems with this season has been that it has had an  uneven tone. Sometimes the episodes are goofy ('Living Proof', S2Ep2), and some are downright depressing ('Brown Eyed Girl', S2Ep4). This episode verged on the depressing side.

The episode began with a violent death being shown on screen, which is quite unusual for 'Rizzoli & Isles'. This violence, however, set up the viewer for the violence that was to come. It served as a warning that this was not a typical episode.

The murder took place in the same prison where Charles Hoyt (the infamous 'surgeon' serial killer from the first season)  was being held. Of course, we knew that Jane and Hoyt were going to have some kind of showdown because TNT has been promoting it constantly for the last week.

Meanwhile, there was a relatively unimportant side-story about Jane's birthday, and her family attempting to set up a surprise party. This, and Frankie's police exam which had been discussed all season, were relegated to the background so that the real focus could be placed on the Hoyt/Jane storyline. I do understand this decision, but it definitely made Frankie seem like an even less important character than he'd been in the past.

The show touched briefly on its usual tempo by including some slight bickering between Rizzoli and Isles. Maura was trying very hard (in her usual adorable way) to come up with the perfect birthday gift for Jane. Every gift she chose was rejected by either Jane's mother, or Jane herself. I actually felt bad for her. When Jane disparaged Maura's choice of a hot air balloon ride (which she had already purchased) I felt really badly for her. I don't think that's how I was supposed to feel...I think it was supposed to be their normal cute friend-flirting, but the writers took it too far. It also did not provide enough lightness to counteract the depressing aspect of the story.

Jane was brutally attacked by Hoyt, Maura was attacked with a stun gun, and both of them almost had their throats slit. Which brings me to my biggest problem with this episode. Despite the fact that I think Jane's reaction to Maura's near death experience showed how much she loves her, I was still bothered by the fact that no one focused on the aftermath. The show cut from Rizzoli sobbing in Korsak's arms, and Maura semi-conscious, to Rizzoli walking into a surprise party in her apartment. Cause a bunch of people jumping out of the dark and yelling surprise is just what you need after you've almost been killed by someone who has haunted your dreams for weeks. Also, what about the fact that Rizzoli was the one who actually killed Hoyt (stabbing him in the chest with a scalpel)? We can look at it as poetic irony, considering that Hoyt once stabbed her with a scalpel. However, I find it hard to believe that Rizzoli is someone who can murder a human (even one as despicable as Hoyt) and feel no remorse. Unfortunately, if the writers do choose to deal with these issues, they won't be raised until the show returns in November...and I'm not sure the majority of viewers have that kind of memory.

Also, speaking of returning in November, where was our cliffhanger? There wasn't one at all! If this had been a real finale there certainly would have been. Which brings me full circle. I love 'Rizzoli & Isles', and I love TNT, but I think their marketing of this episode as a "finale" was misleading.

What did you think of the episode? Do you agree with me? Disagree?

(Also, I hope everyone else noticed how closely this mirrors the 'Bones' Gormogon storyline!)

'Rizzoli & Isles' Quotes & Quips--S2Ep10 "Remember Me"

Top 'Rizzoli & Isles' Quotes & Quips from "Remember Me"
 Top "Wait a minute, is this 'Bones'?"
"Oh my god! He swallowed something."-Isles
"What is it? Dope?"-Rizzoli
"No. Teeth."-Isles
"What the hell?!"-Rizzoli
"From different people..."-Isles
(Remember when Gormogon attacked Booth and Bones with a bomb made out of lots of teeth? Also, remember how Gormogon had an apprentice? Yeah. Me too.)

Top Islesism
"No, it's okay...I didn't want to be a detective anyway."-Little Brother Rizzoli
Isles expresses confusion
"That's sarcasm!"-Rizzoli
(completely seriously) "What? Using irony to convey contempt?"-Isles

Top Gay Moment
"He says he's prepared to give up the names of every person he's ever killed."-Rizzoli
"I'm going with you."-Isles

Plus, Jane risking her own life to save Maura's...

Top Straight Moment  
There really wasn't one. Unless you count Hoyt's disgusting obsession with Jane. Which I 100% do not.

Top "You're like my girlfriend!"
 (sarcastic) "Why don't we go on that midnight hot air balloon ride?!"-Rizzoli
"What? I thought it would be a fun experience for us."-Isles

Also...Jane's reaction to Maura giving her a birthday gift she loves.

Top Rizzoli Statement
"He called me hysterical."-Rizzoli
"I'm surprised his balls aren't in his throat right now."-Frost
"No kidding."-Rizzoli

'Rizzoli & Isles' Summer Finale: Live on Twitter

My roommate graciously gave up watching the Pats game so that I could watch 'Rizzoli & Isles' live. That means I'm officially ready for the summer finale! Some, however, aren't quite as ready. TNT had promised that Sasha Alexander, Angie Harmon, and Tess Gerritsen (who writes the books that the series is based on*) would all be tweeting live to accompany the show. Unfortunately, that won't be the case. Sasha Alexander just tweeted that they're still on the set, and since she hasn't even seen the episode yet it will be a little tricky for her to do commentary: "East coast/midwest tweeters! Here's the deal, I'm going to do my best to live tweet with you but we are still at work" (SashaAlexander1).

You can follow along with Tess Gerritsen's tweets here:!/tessgerritsen
And see if Sasha Alexander gives any more updates here:!/sashaalexander1

*'The Silent Girl' by Tess Gerritsen is the book that Hoyt was reading in his hospital room!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

'New Girl' Reviewed

Today while I was aimlessly scrolling around OnDemand, I saw a listing entitled 'New Girl'. I was completely confused, since the premiere of Zooey Deschanel's new show isn't until September 20th (at 9 pm on FOX). But the pilot episode was right there, so of course I decided to watch it immediately.

I'm not going to give any spoilers, but I do have some thoughts on the show.

                                      1. The beginning is super annoying. But not so annoying you want to switch off your TV right away. So, I guess that's good.

2. The middle (which I suppose counts as 15 minutes into the episode, since it's only 30 minutes long) has a few laughs. But parts of it are still annoying.

3. The last five minutes are probably the best part. Finally Zooey's character (Jess) comes across as likeable. Before I just found her obnoxious.

Now, I do have to admit that if I have to choose which one of the Deschanel sisters I like better, I would pick Emily. I'm a fan of her subtler, less quirky acting style. I've also seen them both in interviews, and let me put it this way: if you find Zooey funny in interviews you'll probably laugh a lot during the show. While I realize that she is acting, a great deal of her character seems to be based on an intensified version of her personality.

The best parts of the show were the three guys (Jess' roommates). Their comedic timing was good, and they actually seemed to function well as a unit, which is important in the scheme of the show.  Several times their acting outshone Deschanel's.

Will I be watching when epsiode 2 comes out?  
Yes. I think this show deserves some time to grow.
Will I be watching the premiere episode on Sept. 20th?
No. I just saw it. No way am I watching that again. Plus, if you watch it OnDemand there are no commercials!

Now that I think about it, I really don't understand why FOX would choose to make it available so early. It will completely skew the accuracy of the number of viewers on premiere night. Maybe they're allowed to add in all the people who watched it OnDemand? Somehow that seems like cheating. Hmm...things to learn...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why I'm Annoyed by Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy is an extremely successful producer, and I'm not disputing that. He even has the ability to create successful shows in varied genres. He helped create both 'Nip/Tuck' and 'Glee'. He's multifaceted. But don't think this is going to turn into some admiration riddled post.

Instead, I have a complaint. Sure, Ryan Murphy has had a great deal of success. But I cannot stand his pandering behavior towards the contestants on 'The Glee Project'.

Honestly, telling a contestant that they "are the show" based on one facet of how they look, or one part of their personality, seems ridiculous. It just serves to emphasize how much the show relies on, and is built upon, stereotypes. And no, regardless of what Ryan Murphy claims, the show is not crushing any stereotypes. Sure, it's giving kids who never had a chance to be on television before a way to see themselves--but do the 16 year old gay boys all have to see themselves in the flamboyant, musical loving, one dimensional Kurt? (Don't even try to tell me that Blane or Karofsky aren't one dimensional too) And apparently cheerleaders only have a choice of being wildly popular, wildly sexual, or wildly stupid? I don't care if Murphy is making Santana more 'complex' by giving her a lesbian subplot. She's still all about sex. The characters just revolve around the same issues again and again and again, and I see little growth or character development.

Lets hope that this year there's a little more depth. And maybe for once when Murphy tells someone they "are the show" it will be an actual compliment.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quotes and Quips 'Rizzoli & Isles'--"Gone Daddy Gone"

Top "Wait a minute, is this 'Bones'?"
Isles' father, who is a criminal, tells her that he doesn't kill women, children, or innocent people. He tells her to use her science to prove his innocence.

Brennan's father, who is a criminal, tells her he doesn't kill women, children, or innocent people. He tells her to ask Booth to look into the evidence to prove this.

Top Islesism
"Could he be more anal?"-Rizzoli
"Actually, yes."-Isles

Top Gay Moment
"You know how to pay chess?"-Isles
"Yeah, who do you think taught him? Tommy's not the only Rizzoli with a beautiful mind."-Rizzoli
Isles grins

Top Straight Moment  
"Please don't sleep with my brother."-Rizzoli
"No! Although he does have excellent long bones..."-Isles

Top "You're like my girlfriend!"
"Wait a minute? My little brother is IMing you, and there's nothing going on between you?"-Rizzoli
"What? You and I talk throughout the day."-Isles
"Oh. Must be my excellent long bones."-Rizzoli

Premiere Dates of Television Shows Fall 2011-2012

It's September, so it is officially time to prepare for the premieres of some of your favorite shows. Pull out that calendar, here are the dates that you need to keep free:

Returning shows (in order of release):

When? Wednesday, Sept 21st at 8 pm
Where? FOX
What? High school Glee club, made up of a bunch of ostracized misfits and popular Cheerleaders, sing and compete and date and break-up.

When? Thursday, Sept 22nd at 8 pm
Where? NBC
What? A hilarious half-hour show about a study group at a quirky community college. Plus, Joel McHale.

'Parks and Recreation'
When? Thursday, Sept 22nd at 8:30 pm
Where? NBC
What? A hilarious half-hour show about a group of colleges at a Parks & Rec department. Plus, Amy Poehler.

'The Office'
When? Thursday, Sept 22nd at 9 pm
Where? NBC
What? Employees at a paper company work together, and insanity ensues. Also, no more Steve Carell?

'Desperate Housewives'
When? Sunday, Sept 25th at 9 pm
Where? ABC
What? Focuses on the crazy, crazy lives of a bunch of housewives and their families in a fictional suburb. Frankly, I'm a little shocked this is still on the air.

When? Sunday, Oct 2nd at 9 pm
Where? Showtime
What? A serial killer who actually works for the police, and only kills bad guys. You need to be caught up on all the older seasons or you'll have no idea what's happening.

When? Thursday, Nov 3rd at 8 pm
Where? FOX
What? Forensic anthropologists and FBI guy solve crimes together, and may or may not be desperately in love with each other. Plus, now there will be two babies!

New shows you might want to watch (in order of release date)...

'Free Agents'
When? Wednesday, Sept 14th at 10:30 pm
Where? NBC
What? Remake of a British comedy (but aren't they all?), two co-workers deal with the aftermath of a one-night stand. Plus, Anthony Stewart Head!

'Two Broke Girls'
When? Monday, Sept 19th at 9:30 pm
Where? CBS
What? Two broke girls, who waitress and nanny. I think it's a comedy.

'New Girl'
When? Tuesday, Sept 20th at 9 pm
Where? FOX
What? Zooey Deschanel (little sis to the star of FOX's hit show, 'Bones') finally has her own show. Basically, she plays an awkward girl who moves in with three guys. Based on the previews, this will either be really funny or really obnoxious.

When? Tuesday, Sept 20th at 10 pm
Where? CBS
What? Poppy Montgomery (of 'Without at Trace' fame) finally gets her own show. What a shock that it's another crime ridden one! She tries to solve the murder of her sister, who was killed when they were children. Oh, and she has the uncanny ability to remember everything (except the murder of her sister).

When? Wednesday, Sept 21st at 10 pm
Where? ABC
What? A girl wants revenge on the people she believes are responsible for destroying her family. Basically, ABC attempts to use Emily VanCamp in a new show now that they canceled her old one ('Brothers and Sisters').

'Charlie's Angels'
When? Tuesday, Sept 22nd at 8 pm
Where? ABC
What? Modern remake of...'Charlie's Angels'

'Pan Am'
When? Sunday, Sept 25th at 10 pm
Where? ABC
What? Trying to grab some of the fans of 'Mad Men', this show revolves around the lives of beautiful Pan Am stewardesses. Back when they were called 'stewardesses'.

'The Playboy Club'
When? Sunday, Sept 25th at 10 pm
Where? NBC
What? This show revolves around the lives of hot Playboy bunnies, and their love interests/sleazy criminal interactions. Back when Playboy bunnies...never-mind.

'Hart of Dixie'
When? Monday, Sept 26th at 9 pm
Where? CW
What? Big city female surgeon gets sent to small Southern town. If you can buy Rachel Bilson as a surgeon (I said IF!) then you might buy into this show.

Want the release dates and times of other new or old shows? Just leave me a comment!

Friday, September 2, 2011


'Community' Release Date Plus Promo Video

And the time for promo videos continues! I'm a little disappointed that 'Parks and Recreation' hasn't released any videos yet (get with the season, NBC.) but I'll settle for the newly released 'Community' clip instead. At least it proves that NBC is trying, kinda.

'Community' returns to NBC on Thursday, September 22nd. 

Loosely related: how does everyone feel about John Goodman's switch from 'Damages' to 'Community'. Good move? Bad move? Impartial? (IMDB-him)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 8 Sneak Peek Video

'Grey's Anatomy' Season Eight will premiere on September 22nd. Here are the two promo videos for the special 2-hour premiere ("Free Falling"):

New Season 7 'Bones' Promo

How much do you love them?

Check out the first sneak peek video I posted HERE.