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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sasha Alexander, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and the Gayness of "Rizzoli & Isles"

Sasha Alexander was on Jimmy Kimmel this past week. Watch the clips below to hear her opinion of the lesbian view of 'Rizzoli & Isles' ("everyone's a little gay!") and her hilarious story about her mother's opinion of her acting career ("then she gets up to vacuum or cut meat"). Plus, a story about how Sophia Loren is not only her mother-in-law, but the reason she came to America in the first place.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

wednesdays are for reality tv

Reality Television Night

I'm really not a big fan of reality television. I think most of it is incredibly junky, and I have an especially hard time watching other people suffer on screen. It's bad enough when it's scripted.

Regardless, summer is a time when I do tend to watch more reality television, more out of necessity then anything else. Unfortunately, almost all of my favorites air at the exact same time on Wednesday nights.

Here are my top 4 favorites (in no particular order):

1. Toddlers & Tiaras
TLC, Wednesdays, 10 pm
Each week's episode follows 3 different girls and their mothers as they prepare for a beauty pageant, and then compete. Pretty shocking stuff (fake tans on two-year-olds, false teeth on three-year-olds, acrylic nails on toddlers) combined with ridiculously inappropriate on stage antics pairs for a train wreck worth watching.

2. Love in the Wild
NBC, Wednesdays, 10 pm
Can't stand kids? Well, 'Love in the Wild' doesn't have any. Instead it's a show that focuses on a group of twenty-somethings thrown into a jungle in Costa Rica. Oh, and they all work (and sleep!) in pairs with a member of the opposite sex. At the end of each episode they can choose to stay with that week's partner or switch to someone "better" (aka hotter). I like this show because the contestants' quirks and flaws shine far more realistically when they're completing a realistic nature challenge (i.e. building a raft to get across a river infested with crocodiles, or climbing down rope ladders into caves filled with bats) than it ever will on 'The Bachelor'.

3. Dance Moms
Lifetime, Wednesdays, 10 pm
This show is clearly mimicking the successful model of 'Toddlers & Tiaras', but that doesn't make it any less compelling. It follows a group of pre-teen competitive dancers and their controlling mothers. Actually, the only one who's less intense than these moms is their dance teacher. Each episode begins with the children preparing for the weekend's dance competition, and ends with their competitive dance number. Well worth watching for the drama alone, plus the dancing actually is pretty impressive.

4. The Glee Project
Oxygn, Sunday, 9 pm
This show isn't exactly inspired. It's a competition show much like many that have come before it. Teenagers, lured by the chance to have a 7 episode arc on 'Glee', live together in dorms and compete daily in different singing/dancing/acting challenges. At the end of each episode the 3 weakest competitors are asked to sing for 'Glee's' creator (Ryan Murphy), who choose one to eliminate. There's just something about watching talented, but slightly whiny, teenagers compete that I find oddly compelling (probably because I'm not in high school anymore).

Monday, July 25, 2011

Quips & Quotes, Rizzoli & Isles -- "Sailor Man"

'Rizzoli & Isles' Season 2, Episode 3---"Sailor Man"
Top Islesism
"You and Frost are site specific friends."-Isles
"Wait, would we be friends if we didn't work together?"-Rizzoli
"Well we'd never see each other. It's a false syllogism."-Isles
"You know, all rabbits have whiskers. These animals have whiskers ergo they're rabbits."-Isles

Top Gay Moment
"Well, you don't want to sleep with me..."-Rizzoli
looks at Isles, long pause
" you?!"-Rizzoli

Rizzoli stands behind Isles and slips her arms around her waist. They pose, facing Giovanni (Maura's 'boyfriend'):
"I really really enjoyed your company, but Jane and I we're..."-Isles
"More than BFFs"-Isles
"Yeah, we're LLBFFs"-Rizzoli
"Yeah, like life long BFFs"-Isles
"Get it?"-Rizzoli

Top "Wait a minute, is this 'Bones'?"
"Look at his shoulder to hip ratio...lengthy know what that means!!"-Isles

Top Straight Moment
"I wanted to ask you out."-Giovanni
"It would be faster if we went to my apartment."-Isles
"Um. Faster....(Isles pause to think of an excuse) Faster for me. Because I work long hours." -Isles

Top "You're like my girlfriend!"
Maura and Jane take Mama Rizzoli out for brunch. Together. On a Sunday.

Top "Huh, this show's basically 'Bones'...lets have a cute convo between our two lead actors"
"Is he gone?"-Isles
"Not really."-Rizzoli
"He's kind of like a bedbug."-Rizzoli
(nods) "Hard to eradicate."-Isles

'Rizzoli & Isles', Sasha Alexander's twitter, & Boston Fleet Week episode

'Rizzoli & Isles': Episode 3 ("Sailor Man")

So, this has basically become the 'Rizzoli & Isles' blog and I apologize for that. It's just that with the lack of new television airing this summer (for those of us who don't have Showtime, HBO, etc. anyway) it's one of the best things on the air.

So, if you're as obsessed with the show as I am, you should check out Sasha Alexander's twitter tonight as you watch the episode. She's going to be chatting live (aka tweeting) about the show and answering viewers' questions. She'll do it during both the PT and ET showings, so regardless of what coast you live on you won't miss the 'live' aspect.

Angie Harmon was supposed to do this last week, but that failed miserably (either she forgot, her Twitter wasn't working, so some sort of family issue came up). But Alexander did it two weeks ago, so at least we know she's somewhat reliable!

Here's her twitter: SashaAlexander1

'Rizzoli & Isles' airs tonight on TNT at 10 pm. It's all about Fleet Week, which evidently happened in Boston last month (I certainly missed it, but I guess I don't live in the right part of town).

Here's the promo:

Friday, July 22, 2011

Seriously, you should watch this.

Fox always cancels the good shows. Here's a clip from 'Greg the Bunny', a super short-lived show on Fox (what else is new, right 'Arrested Development', 'Better Off Ted', etc.?). Sasha Alexander guest stars.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

'Dance Moms' vs. 'Toddlers & Tiaras'

I just happened to stumble across 'Dance Moms' on Hulu. The show focuses on a group of young competitive dancers (ages 6-9), their mothers, and their coach. Really it's little more than 'Toddlers & Tiaras' for the dancing set. In fact, the shows are both on Wednesday nights at 10! This choice surprises me a little, since I have a sneaking suspicion that the folks who watch 'Toddlers & Tiaras' will want to watch 'Dance Moms' too. It doesn't seem like a smart marketing move to put the novel show ('Dance Moms') on at the exact same time as the other already successful show.

Regardless, 'Dance Moms' is a horrific reality show that's worth watching. The show focuses on the girls as they train with their coach for a week, and ends with them competing at a dance competition. It's all gearing up for the season finale, which will focus on the girls' performance at Nationals. And these girls have won before, so they expect to do it again.

For the most part the mothers seem a little saner than those on 'Toddlers & Tiaras'. However, I suspect the only reason for that is because they have someone else coaching their child (and telling her what to do/yelling at her, etc.). The moms on 'Toddlers & Tiaras' don't have this, so their crazy is immediately evident. And the moms on 'Dance Moms' must be (at least a little) crazy, because they see the rehearsals, and they choose to leave their daughters in a toxic environment that includes constant belittling, an open ranking of which dancer is the best, and provocative dance moves and costumes that would barely be appropriate for a 16 year old. Plus, each time the children are interviewed (even in their own homes) they are dressed like little barbie dolls, complete with full make-up and fake nails.

Watch the show and make up your own mind...what's worse? 'Dance Moms' or 'Toddlers & Tiaras'?

A new episode of 'Dance Moms' airs tonight (Wednesday) at 10 on Lifetime.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sasha Alexander Interview, USA Today.

Sasha Alexander talks to USA Today about 'Rizzoli & Isles', being a mom, and her husband (Edoardo Ponti):

Read the article HERE.

Watch the interview below:

Monday, July 18, 2011

Quotes & Quips 'Rizzoli & Isles' Season 2 Episode 2

'Rizzoli & Isles', Season 2 Episode 2, "Living Proof" Top Quotes and Quips

Top Islesism
"The stomach is like someone's grocery bag, so revealing, it's my favorite part" grins--Isles

Top Gay Moment
"I wanted a bunk bed, but you gave me a pink canopy bed instead...I wanted a bunk bed to build forts...Ma, I don't like pink!"-Rizzoli

Top "Wait a minute, is this 'Bones'?"
"No, no, she had quite robust reproductive organs."-Isles
"Do you find that sexy in a woman...robust reproductive organs?"-Rizzoli to Detective Barry

Top Straight Moment
"Look at his shoulder to hip ratio...lengthy know what that means!!"-Isles

Top "You're like my girlfriend!"
"What's this?!" sounds slightly disgusted
Isles then picks up a small painting at the Rizzoli family yard sale. Rizzoli stands beside her mother frantically signaling to Isles. Isles gets the hint.
"...Because, it's beautiful. What are you asking?"-Isles
"I was going to ask for 5."-Mama Rizzoli
"Hundred? It's priceless."-Isles
Isles then opens her wallet to get $500!

Top "Huh, this show's basically 'Bones'...lets have a cute convo between our two lead actors"
"You're not very good at sales."-Isles
"What? That's a $300 stroller."-Rizzoli
"And how do you know that? Maura, been looking for baby stuff?"-Rizzoli
"No, I was online stopping and the baby store was just a click away..."-Isles
"Well stop it, you don't have a baby."-Rizzoli

"I've always seen you as the maternal type"-Isles
"Are you lying?" looks shocked-Rizzoli
"Yes" grinning-Isles
"I hope you get hives."-Rizzoli
"Be quiet, I'm trying to enjoy my dirt bath...shhhh"-Rizzoli
"Did you just shhh me?!"-Isles
Isles throws dirt at Rizzoli
"Maura stop it"-Rizzoli
She keeps throwing
"Stop it!


End of episode

'Rizzoli & Isles' Season 2 Episode 2 New Tonight!

'Rizzoli & Isles' Season 2 Episode 2-- "Living Proof"
see the promo video below

There's a new episode of 'Rizzoli & Isles' starting in about 30 minutes!

In this week's episode we get to see Rizzoli and Isles spending some quality time together at the spa. I wish quality time was code for something else, but it's not. They're just having some friend bonding time.

Which is only slightly ruined by the discovery of a dead body. Although perhaps ruined is the wrong word, since without dead bodies Rizzoli and Isles wouldn't have jobs...ponder that for a moment.

Regardless, a dead woman features in this episode. She's a pregnant surrogate mother. Something tells me this is going to be a complicated one.

Are you watching 'Rizzoli & Isles' tonight? What do you think of the episode?

Friday, July 15, 2011

'Coming & Going', Sasha Alexander & Rhys Darby Movie Reviewed.

'Coming & Going' Reviewed
(for a description of the movie and its trailer go HERE)

Okay, first of all 'Coming & Going' wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. There were some funny moments, though mainly they were little verbal gags thrown in here and there. One of the best conversations is when Sue is talking about whether her baby has 'white cells' or 'black cells' (after she has cheated on her husband with a black guy) and Lee (her OB-GYN) asks whether she has something she needs to tell him. I also love how Lee responds with "honesty is the best policy" yet he is lying about being in a wheelchair!
Major flaws...
1. Logic
For example, in the scene where Lee (Darby) is first heading to meet Alex (Alexander) at a bar:
"You're not on the list."-the bouncer
"I am on the list, I'm meeting Alex."-Lee
"Alex said she was meeting a guy in a wheelchair."-bouncer

much arguing later Lee goes back to his car to get his wheelchair.
As my friend pointed out to me as we were watching...if his name was on the list why didn't he just show ID?!

2. Annoying Characters
Case in point, Happy the Whale, aka Sue's husband.

3. Awkward

I am really uncomfortable with the scene where Alex and Lee are eating dinner together and he lies about how he got in a wheelchair.

Also, I wish Darby and Alexander had better chemistry.

And the camera work could have been a little better, some of the shots were...well...awkward.

4. Just Plain Weird
It's a little bizarre that this movie seems to totally sexualize asses. There were a lot of close-ups on Sasha Alexander's butt and then later on men that his aunt finds attractive. Also, I felt a little uncomfortable with this since I knew Ponti was calling the shots, and Alexander is his real-life wife.

5. Mimicking Other Shows
When Darby and Alexander first lie in bed together the angle of the shot exactly mimics that of the shot used recently in 'Rizzoli & Isles' when Alexander and Harmon are lying in bed together. Alexander is also on the same side of the bed and holds her body in the exact same position.

Carla Gallo plays Daisy on 'Bones', which as we all know is a show that is very similar to 'Rizzoli & Isles' (Alexander's show). She makes a guest appearance in 'Coming & Going', she is the first woman we see, and is supposed to be meeting Darby for a first date, but he stands her up.

Major Benefits...
1. Sasha Alexander can act.
2. Rhys Darby can act.
3. While the movie wasn't exactly original, it was just this side of plausible.

"Most men take flowers to a first date, you take a wheelchair!"--Lee's Aunt

Thursday, July 14, 2011

See Josh and Melissa Announcing The Emmy Nominations

emmy nominations for 2011 are announced! drama

2011 Emmy Nominations "Drama"
...who's nominated, who I want to win, and who probably will
looking for "comedy"?

Lead Actress--Drama:
*Elisabeth Moss I stopped watching 'Mad Men', so I can't really comment. Except to say I stopped watching 'Mad Men'.
*Connie Britton Maybe the 3rd nominated year will be the charm? She's a fine actress, but there are bigger names here.
*Mariska Hargitay Even after all these years this show is still great, and Hargitay is a big part of that. Plus it probably won't be around much longer. She's been nominated every year since '04, but hasn't won since '08.
*Mireille Enos This is her first time being nominated, and the Emmys do occasionally like surprise wins. But do enough people watch 'The Killing'?
*Julianna Marqulies She won 6 in a row for 'ER', and this is her second year nominated here.
*Kathy Bates She is a favorite, but I just couldn't stick with 'Harry's Law'

Lead Actor--Drama:
*Steve Buscemi Apparently this means I need to watch 'Boardwalk Empire'
*Michael C. Hall I love 'Dexter', and I think Hall's brilliantly acting plays a part in this. Plus, I'm not sure many people could be so successful acting next to their ex-wives who play their sisters.
*Kyle Chandler Damn, I need to watch more 'Friday Night Lights'.
*Jon Hamm I don't think this will happen, but maybe the Emmy folks will surprise me.
*Hugh Laurie This is one of my favorite shows, and Laurie makes it what it is. Plus, he can drop his accent like woah.
*Timothy Olyphant This category often likes the first time nominees to win, and that's what Olyphant is.

Supporting Actress--Drama:
Kelly Macdonald Never seen it.
Christina Hendricks She's good, but is she good enough to beat Panjabi?
Michelle Forbes Put a photo on your page, how will the voters know who you are?
Archie Panjabi She won last year, and I bet she'll win this year.
Margo Martindale Again, lets hope the voters aren't relying on the Emmy website!
Christina Baranski She keeps getting nominated and keeps losing, her last win was in 1999.

Supporting Actor--Drama:
*John Slattery There's a chance voters will want to give 'Mad Men' a bone.
*Andre Braugher I think he might actually win.
*Walton Goggins There's no photo on the website!
*Peter Dinklage Hmm...a little too much fantasy for the voters?
*Josh Charles No photo? Go yell at your agent.
*Alan Cumming Go ahead, yell.

Check back later for my opinions on the other Emmy categories (Comedy). Also, think I'm wrong? Think someone should have been nominated who wasn't? Leave a comment! Who will win? Who should win?

emmy nominations for 2011 are announced! comedy

2011 Emmy Nominations "Comedy"
...who's nominated, who I want to win, and who probably will
looking for "drama"?

Lead Actress--Comedy:

*Edie Falco She's a media darling, but she won last year.
*Laura Linney She's a media darling, and she's been nominated for academy awards (3) and won emmys (3), it wouldn't surprise me if she beat Poehler.
*Amy Poehler Her show didn't deserve a win last year, but Poehler's hilarity made it a gem in 2011.
*Melissa McCarthy Her show isn't that great, but that hasn't stopped them before (Jon Cryer won in 2009?!).
*Martha Plimpton This show is tons of fun, and I think Plimpton's great, but I don't believe it has the following to win this year.
*Tina Fey She hasn't won since '08, but she's been nominated every year. and while I think she's marvelous I think this may be Poehler's year.

Lead Actor--Comedy:

*Matt LeBlanc Huh, I heard 'Episodes' is good...but I haven't seen it so I can't comment.
*Jim Parsons I can't stand 'The Big Bang Theory'. I know, I know, lots of people like it...
*Johnny Galecki See above.
*Steve Carell Last year on 'The Office'? last chance to win an Emmy? I'm thinking he will win.
*Louis C.K. He's pretty hilarious but maybe a little too vulgar for voters to think he "deserves" an Emmy.
*Alec Baldwin Two Emmy nominations but no win? Well, that's a travesty. I think he should win this year.

Supporting Actress--Comedy:
*Jane Lynch She won last year, and she's hosting this year. So, I guess she could win, but I think they should give someone else a shot.
*Betty White She's already won 7. And 'Hot in Cleveland' is not good.
*Kristen Wiig I know Fey won for SNL that one time, but that was probably a flux.
*Julie Bowen 'Modern Family' was a favorite last year, and out of all their actresses Bowen should win this.
*Jane Krakowski I love her! And I'd love it if she'd win. After all, no other actress wore a giant dog suit (while pregnant!) and walked a man around on a leash.
*Sofia Vergara Again, I love 'Modern Family', but I think Bowen really deserves the nod.

Supporting Actor--Comedy:
*Jon Cryer Read what I wrote for McCarthy above.
*Chris Colfer Yeah, yeah, "Glee" is big. And Colfer's okay. But he is not funny. I just don't see it.
*Jesse Tyler Ferguson Woah they loved their 'Modern Family' this year too! Sorry Jesse, but I want to give this to Ty.
*Ed O'Neill This is his first Emmy nomination, but after publicly snubbing Lynch last year I'm not sure he'll manage a win.
*Eric Stonestreet You won last year. Give someone else a chance!
*Ty Burrell He's hilarious on 'Modern Family', and can say even the most straightforward line with enough character to make you laugh out loud.

Check back later for my opinions on the other Emmy categories. Also, think I'm wrong? Think someone should have been nominated who wasn't? Leave a comment! Who will win? Who should win?

Growing Up

When people ask me where my t.v. obsession came from I have an immediate response. My parents.

No, they didn't watch a lot of it. They did the exact opposite. We didn't have cable. What we did have were three stations, and we only got the third one (Fox) when we crouched at the side of the television while waving one hand. In other words, we had two stations (NBC and PBS). Oh, and did I mention that I lived between two mountains? So those two channels had perpetual snow.

Consequently, I'm missing huge childhood t.v. milestones (Who the hell is Screech and why should I care?). But I do remember a few favorites:

1. "Arthur"--I recently sat through an episode of this because it's available on Netflix Instant and I was curious if my admiration as a child was well founded. I think it actually might have been! At least, I managed to sit through the episode without being completely bored.

2. "Zoom"--I can tell you without even trying to watch this that it would now make me cringe. But one thing hasn't changed, I still wish I'd had a chance to be a kid on 'Zoom'!

3. "Wishbone"--Classic stories told by a dog? Classic.

4. "Ally McBeal"--I was recently watching the first season when it all seemed a little too familiar. I asked my parents and my father watched this in the '90s. Apparently with me in the room. Not really a kids' show, but still a definite part of my childhood memories...

Do you have any t.v. shows from your childhood that are still memorable? If they aired on PBS I might actually know what they are!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Blast from the Past

It's summer which means that I can't watch the first 5 minutes of the 'Ellen Degeneres Show' as I get ready for work.

(Yes, I start work at 10 am. Yes, you can judge me. Or just be jealous. Very, very jealous)

But it's all good, because I just found out that Ellen used to do vlogs from her house. And while it sort of feels like an intrusion into her life (I thought she lived on the studio lot!) at least it's a welcome one (assuming no one forced her to film them). Besides, the fact that they take place in her house make them even funnier.

Since Wednesday is traditionally Hump Day, I like to use it to reflect on the past...because who said going over the hump means going forward? So, lets go back to 2008.

p.s. there are even more vlogs on YouTube...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

'Bones' and 'Rizzoli & Isles'--striking similarities

Back in March I talked about how 'Bones' and 'Rizzoli & Isles' are in many ways the same show. Now that I've seen the first episode of 'Rizzoli & Isles'' 2nd season (reviewed here) that belief is only solidified.
Once again, here's why...
'Bones' and 'Rizzoli & Isles' are the same show
(read my original, longer blog post on the topic here):

*Booth (L) and Rizzoli (R) both investigate homicides. And they're both way more about the action than about the hard science. Plus they both have partners who are all about the science. And who aren't as good at reading social cues as they are. Oh, and they both know their way around a gun.

*Dr. Maura Isles (L) and Dr. Temperance Brennan (R) are both attractive women who use their medical/forensic backgrounds to investigate homicides. They are both socially awkward and tend to take things way too literally. And they are both shown working with a particular homicide investigator (see above).

*Oh, plus Brennan was a foster child and her biological father is an ex-con/murderer, while Isles was adopted as a child and her biological father's a mobster/hitman.

*And they all go by their last names most of the time.

*Their relationships with each other are the heart of the show. Audiences want Booth and Brennan to end up together. And many viewers see an attraction between Rizzoli and Isles as well. In fact in the episode "I Kissed a Girl" the producers played with this idea, pleasing many fans by having Rizzoli and Isles mimic a lesbian relationship.

* Both shows are watchable largely because of the strong relationships between their main characters. While producers insist that Rizzoli and Isles are both heterosexual it doesn't deny the fact that if they didn't have quipping banter the show wouldn't be as enjoyable. Same goes for 'Bones'.

*Oh, and let's not get distracted by the fact that the cases are a bit too similar. In the first season of 'Rizzoli & Isles' and 'Bones' our main characters were dealing with a masochistic serial killer who loved to torment the professionals (and who focused in particular on Isles and Brennan).

*The same woman, Janet Tamaro, is involved in both shows. She's an executive producer for 'Rizzoli & Isles', was a supervising producer on 'Bones', and has written episodes for both shows.

*Finally, they are both based on best-selling crime novels. And both of them borrow little from these books, choosing instead to infuse far more comedy than is on the written page.

If you love 'Bones' you'll probably like 'Rizzoli & Isles', while the show is clearly still in its infancy, and could definitely be made stronger (more interesting mysteries!) it echoes the first season of 'Bones'. And we all know how well that show turned out...

Sasha Alexander is "Coming & Going" in her new TNT movie

read my review of this movie, or read on for a description and trailer.

TNT is reallllly loving Sasha Alexander.

Though I have to say, what's not to love? She was hot and smart on 'NCIS' and she's sexy and intelligent
(note: a step up from her 'NCIS' days!) on 'Rizzoli & Isles'.

I guess when you're the star of the highest rated premiere for a commercial supported cable t.v. show your networks gotta love you.

So why not exploit that? Why not, TNT?

They couldn't think of a reason. Hence "Coming & Going", (woah TNT you love your ampersands) the new Sasha Alexander movie that is premiering on TNT this Friday (July 15th) at 10 pm.

It's a movie about an OB-GYN (Rhys Darby from "Flight of the Conchords") who is awkward around women, and has always had a crush on Alexander's character. But then he ends up in a wheelchair (don't worry! It's temporary! please note sarcasm).

And she finally pays attention to him. This is not sounding like a brilliant plot, and may be a tad too Dawsonesque (remember Alexander's days on the Creek?) but come on, it's Sasha Alexander. Plus it's directed by Alexander's real life husband (Edoardo Ponti--whose real claim to fame is that he's the son of Sophia Loren), actually this may or may not be a good thing. I'm not entirely sure since his only real credit is as the director of "Between Strangers" where he directed...Sophia Loren. I think he may have managed to get that job through nepotism. Just maybe. But it did get decent reviews, so who knows.

Regardless I am hoping to catch watched "Coming & Going" on Friday at 10 pm on TNT (or Saturday at midnight) because I do love my trashy romantic movies. Read my review HERE.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 Premiere "We Need Another Hero"

'Rizzoli & Isles' finally premiered tonight at 10 pm on TNT.

I don't want to ruin too much for you, so please stop reading now to avoid spoilers.

'Rizzoli & Isles' opened with Rizzoli still recovering from her injury that happened at the end of last season (where she saved her brother by shooting herself. It's complicated. Watch Season 1 and maybe it will be clarified). And by recovering we really mean whining. Of course Isles is there trying to help her recover. And pointing out, in what can only be compared to typical Brennan ('Bones') fashion, that her pain isn't real anymore because it's not medically possible.

Now, lets talk about the men. Once again the show managed to introduce romantic possiblities for our main characters. Rizzoli was approached by Charles (her ex-boyfriend from high school) about 15 minutes into the episode, and two seconds later we learned that Isles was dating Rizzoli's surgeon. But don't worry, the writers aren't going to ruin the possibility for future romance (I'm talking heteronormative romance here, even though I love the insinuations of less heteronormative assignations). Charles was gone (I'm guessing temporarily) by the end of the episode because his leave time was over. And Isles realized that her surgeon boyfriend was as pompous as Rizzoli had said he was.

The thriller/mystery plots are all right, but nowhere near as detailed or intelligent as many of the other criminal justice shows out there ('NCIS', 'Law and Order: SVU, etc.). Still, Alexander and Harmon's ability to act so seamlessly together, and to have what appears to be a realistic friendship on-screen, is the true reason that the show is successful. Their chemistry makes the show's writing seem stronger than it this episode the buddy cop conversations continued (see my prior post with quotes) and that really helped the episode move along.

I'm not going to tell you what the solution to the mystery was, but if you haven't figured it out before the detectives do you've missed some major hints. Or you've just been distracted by Rizzoli & Isles brilliant quips.

If you missed the episode tonight you can catch it tomorrow (July 12) at 12 am on TNT.

Top Quotes from Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 Premiere

Top Quotes/Quips from "Rizzoli and Isles" Season 2 Episode 1
'We Need Another Hero'

Top Islesism
sarcastic I need to learn how men compartmentalize!--Rizzoli
serious They simply separate things into different compartments.--Isles

Top Gay Moment
sarcastic "Why don't you mind your own buisness?"--Rizzoli
serious "You are my buisness."--Isles

Top "What a minute, is this 'Bones'?"
asking for advice "What do you do when fear is killing you?"--Rizzoli
serious "Well, it's very hard to die from fear unless you have a congenital heart condition".--Isles

Top Straight Moment
Rizzoli's mother opens her daughter's bedroom door only to see Rizzoli in bed with her ex-boyfriend from high school (Charles). She stares.
"Hey, Mrs. Rizzoli"--Charles
disparaging "Hello. Charles."--Mama Rizzoli
cut to...
"So, too sick to wash the dishes, but not too sick to have intercourse."--Mama Rizzoli

Top "You're like my girlfriend!"
"Dr. Isles offered me her guest house"--Rizzoli's mom
cut to...Rizzoli talking to Isles
"Are you crazy? You bought this guest house for your mother, not mine! ...Why are you doing this?"--Rizzoli
"Because she's your mother."--Isles

Top "Huh, this show's basically 'Bones'...lets end it with a cute convo between our two lead actors"
"You guessed!"--Rizzoli
"I did not guess."--Isles
"Dr. Isles gueesssed. Dr. Isles guessseed"--Rizzoli
"I did not!"--Isles
"Did too!"--Rizzoli
"Did not"--Isles
cut to credits

read my analysis of the season 2 premiere episode HERE.

Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 Premiere

When is the Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 Premiere?


At 10 pm on TNT.

I'll be watching it, will you?

Check back tomorrow for my analysis.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Lifetime Cop Show 'Against the Wall' Stars Australian Actress

I don't really know what this show is about (okay, it's about a female cop who comes from a family of cops but decides to accept a job in Internal Affairs, so they all think she's no longer "protecting her own" or something). Regardless. That's completely unimportant. Because who cares about plot when it stars Rachael Carpani, who played Jodi in the Australian hit dramasoap 'McLeod's Daughters'. I would only be more excited if it was Bridie Carter instead.

Anyway, apparently when 'McLeod's Daughters' ended she moved to LA to try her hand at acting in American television. I haven't seen her in any of the bit parts she's had, so it looks like this starring role in a Lifetime show could be her big break. My one concern is that her accent in the previews doesn't sound quite as "Portia de Rossi can successfully drop her Australian accent and act American" as I would like. Guess we'll see, because you can be sure I'll be watching!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

63rd Emmy Awards & Emmy Roundtable Videos

Ballot casting has come and gone and it's almost time for the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards!

And by almost time, I mean it's on September 18th.

Since that's quite a ways away I wanted to share one of my favorite pre-Emmy rituals:

The Emmy Roundtable Videos!

These little gems pop up on Youtube each year, but barely anyone ever watches them. I don't know why...they can be hilarious.

Basically some behind the camera guy sits down with all the lead actors of your favorite TV shows at the SAME time and asks them questions. Sometimes really, really random questions.

I've included two of my favorites below, and yes, they're both from the 'women in comedy' part of Emmy Roundtable (because, honestly, they're the most entertaining). But, I promise Youtube has Emmy Roundtable Videos including everything from drama to reality t.v.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

premiere dates for 'community' & 'parks & rec'

NBC has officially announced when the 2011-2012 seasons of 'Community' and 'Parks and Rec' will be...

Thursday, September 22nd

'Community' at 8 pm

'Parks & Rec' at 8:30 pm

Unfortunately '30 Rock' joins 'Bones' with a mid-season release date due to Tina Fey's pregnancy. She's due in September. (Of course the stars of all of my favorite shows had to get pregnant at the same time!)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

'rizzoli & isles' & the lesbian subtext

Just A Little Gayity Gaiety
The LA Times Article

Recall how I talked about the quite obvious lesbian subtext in 'Rizzoli & Isles'? here!

Here's an article from the LA Times that agrees with me: "'Rizzoli & Isles'--are they or aren't they".

(We can always hope, right? I mean look at Booth & Bones...)

Check out Season 2 on July 11th!