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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Promo for 'Rizzoli & Isles'--"Gone Daddy Gone" (S2Ep9)

There are only two episodes of 'Rizzoli & Isles' left this summer (and then we'll be waiting impatiently for November to roll around and the rest of Season 2 to air).

Here's the promo for the second to last episode, which is airing this Monday:

Quips & Quotes: 'Rizzoli and Isles'--"My Own Worst Enemy"

Quips and Quotes from 'Rizzoli and Isles', "My Own Worst Enemy" 
(Season 2 Episode 8)
Top "Wait a minute, is this 'Bones'?"
"Well, can we go out on a limb and say this junkie OD'd?"-Rizzoli

Top Gay Moment
 Rizzoli, clearly annoyed: "You didn't have to tell me about Ian. It's none of my business."-Rizzoli
"I'm not, not telling you about him. He stopped by this morning."-Isles
"I heard he stopped by last night"-Rizzoli
"I, uh (Maura looks guilty). He lives in Africa. It's complicated."-Isles
"Okay, tell me me if you find anything else the case. I mean, who am I to help you with your complicated love life"-Rizzoli

Maura reads texts, and ignored Jane. Jane gets more and more frustrated:
"...I killed Korsak with your scalpel. (pause) I contaminated all your DNA samples. (pause). I snuck into your closet and I put all your shoes in different boxes..."-Rizzoli

Top Straight Moment  
Maura makes out with a man (Ian) on her couch. And then she makes out with him in her kitchen. Basically, more making out than this show has ever seen.

Top "You're like my girlfriend!"
 "Where is Maura?!"-Rizzoli
"Can't do this without your BFF?"-Det. Korsak

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Okay, so this isn't true irony. But I can't think of a better word to explain what I saw on this television poster site I was browsing:

The posters are clearly not in alphabetical order.
Yep, that's a poster of Emily Deschanel's show ('Bones') right next to a poster for David Hornsby's show ('It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'). Oh, and Deschanel and Hornsby are married (and expecting a baby!).

First Sneak Peek Video of Bones Season 7 Released!

Finally, we're able to see a video clip from 'Bones' Season 7!

All new episodes of 'Bones' will air on November 3rd.

Check out the video clip that was recently shown at Fox's fall preview:

The clip shows Bones and Booth interacting at a crime scene. Bones is very pregnant, and seems reluctant to accept Booth's point of view (so basically, nothing has changed!).

What do you think about their interaction?

Check out the new 'Bones' promo video HERE.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Great TV Shows Available on Netflix Instant (plus a few DVD only shows that should be there)

I’m always desperately searching for a “new” television show that I can watch instantly on Netflix...maybe you are too? I’ve thrown in a few shows that are limited to DVD in the hopes that they’ll be joining Netflix Instant soon.
  1. Parks and Recreation (Netflix)—Amy Poehler. Comedy. Trials and tribulations of a small town’s parks and recreation department.
  2. 30 Rock (Netflix)—Tina Fey. Craziness of the behind the scenes production of a Saturday Live like production.
  3. Arrested Development (Netflix)—Watch a broken family try to come together again. They fail miserably. And it’s hilarious.
  4. Better Off Ted (Netflix)—Inter-office relationships at a research and design company. Hilarious.
  5. Bones (Netflix)—Mystery, forensics, and comedy rolled into one. David Boreanaz (see: Angel) co-stars. Also, Emily Deschanel is there.
  6. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix)—This show is a little hit or miss. But it’s like ER for the romantic set/high drama approving set.
  7. Gavin and Stacey (Netflix)-BBC production. So they have accents. My friend refused to watch this because the actors were “too ugly”. But if you can deal with ordinary looking people in comical situations this is the show for you.
  8. Dexter (Netflix)—Serial killer. And he’s the protagonist. Plus, his sister is a cop who’s kind of hot.
  9. Law and Order: SVU (Netflix)—More hot cops! And disturbing cases.
  10. Rizzoli and Isles (DVD)—A hot female cop! And a hot medical examiner. Plus less disturbing cases than ‘SVU’.
  11. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Netflix)—If you’ve never seen this you have to. Also, it takes a little trying at first to get past the very ‘90s outfits, but once you do this show is priceless.
  12. Angel (Netflix)—It’s a spin-off of ‘Buffy’, so watch that first. Young David Boreanaz is in it. He’s hot.
  13. Brothers and Sisters (Netflix)—I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch this again. Too much drama. But it’s wonderful and time-sucking during the first viewing.
  14. Friends (DVD)—The show that America was obsessed with. It doesn’t seem so brilliant now, but oh the memories.
  15. Monk (Netflix)—Kooky detective with OCD. Solves cases that are way less scary than those SVU ones.
  16. Gilmore Girls (DVD)—Mother and daughter relationship through high school and beyond. Somehow this was a hit show with mother and daughters around the USA. Wonder why.
  17. NCIS (DVD)—Sort of a combination of ‘SVU’ and ‘Bones’. Plus it’s Navy related cases.
  18. Wonderfalls (DVD)—The fact that this has so few episodes is a travesty. In the way that ‘Arrested Development’ being cut short was a travesty. Sarcastic college grad works retail and talks to inanimate objects. It’s funny. Really.
  19. Ally McBeal (Netflix)—I obsessively watched this all the way through. But now that I’m done I don’t think I’ll ever watch it again: ‘Brothers and Sisters’ syndrome.
  20. How I Met Your Mother (DVD)—It’s funny! Stars Alyson Hannigan of ‘Buffy’ fame.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Top 'Bones' Episodes of All Time

In honor of my 100th post, I've decided to list the
Top 10 'Bones' episodes of all time

1. "The Man in the Fallout Shelter" (S1Ep9)
I love this episode. Why wouldn't you want to watch everyone in the Jeffersonian trapped together during Christmas?

2. "Aliens in a Spacehip" (S2Ep9)
Brennan and Hodgins are buried alive, and we get to see how much Booth (and everyone else!) loves them.

3. "The Santa in the Slush" (S3Ep9)
The first ever Brennan and Booth kiss. Enough said. (Except that after watching the episode you should go HERE, scroll down and watch the behind the scenes video of the kiss).

4. "The End in the Beginning" (S4Ep26)
The most frustrating episode of the whole series so far. But worth watching because it drops major hints about the future direction of the characters. Plus, everyone loves to hate this episode, so you should probably watch it just to find out what they're talking about.

5. "The Parts in the Sum of the Whole" (S5Ep16)
And the 100th episode of 'Bones'. Directed by David Boreanaz.

6. "The Beginning in the End" (S5Ep22)
The season finale of the fifth season. Very important for understanding what in the world is going on at the beginning of season 6.

7. "The Blackout in the Blizzard" (S6Ep15)
Bones and Booth get trapped together, and they're not very happy about it. Plus, a fun conversation about sex!

8. "The Hole in the Heart" (S6Ep22)
Believe me, you want to watch this one.

9."The Change in the Game" (S6Ep23)
And then you want to watch this one. Immediately.

10. "The Memories in the Shallow Grave" (S7Ep1)
Okay, you can't watch this yet. It hasn't been released. But I can guarantee that you'll want to see it as soon as it airs if you've watched #9 on this list.

Additional top episodes: "Pilot" (S1Ep1), "The Man in the Wall" (S1Ep6), "Two Bodies in the Lab" (S1Ep15), "The Man in the Morgue" (S1Ep19), "The Woman in the Sand" (S2, Ep8), "The Bodies in the Book" (S2Ep15), "The Wannabe in the Weeds" (S3Ep14), "The Mastodon in the Room" (S6Ep1)

Also, here's a bonus...a fun video of the whole cast dancing:

Saturday, August 27, 2011

How many episodes of 'Bones' will there be in Season 7?

Bones Season 7 has Limited Episodes

The disappointment of 'Bones' 7th Season continues...

Not only is the series not returning until November 3rd, but Fox is only allowing Hanson and co. to produce 13 episodes this season.

That means a sadly short season for us, although I do support Fox's decision to not make any episodes with Emily Deschanel.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricanes & Television

In preparation for Hurricane Irene which is steadily heading our way, I decided to try to come up with a list of television shows/episodes that have dealt with natural disasters. Feel free to add to the list in the comments.
1. The easiest one ever...that television show called 'Natural Disasters'.

2. There was that season 1 'Dawson's Creek' episode with a hurricane. The most memorable part, if I remember correctly, was when Pacey went to the home of his teacher who he was having an affair with to help her put up plywood shutters.

3. '30 Rock' did it in their 5th season episode entitled "Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning". Jack decides to prepare news broadcasts for every natural disaster possible. Watch it, it's funny.

4. The 5th season premiere of 'Grey's Anatomy' dealt with a serious ice storm. It was high drama (but it's 'Greys' so what else is new!) and two hours long.

5. In the 5th season of 'Friends' there was a big snow storm (anyone else noticing a pattern with the snow?!) and Phoebe's wedding was disrupted.

6. Last season 'Bones' had a great episode where Booth and Bones got trapped in an elevator during a power outage caused by a gigantic snowstorm. I highly recommend you watch "The Blackout in the Blizzard".*

*I'm coming up with two new lists related to 'Bones', one is a list of my favorite/must-watch episodes, and the other is a list of episodes related to Booth and Brennan's opinions about pregnancy and babies. Get excited.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jennifer Garner is Pregnant!

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are expecting a 3rd baby! Their new child will join Violet, who is 5, and Seraphina, who is 2. Garner and Affleck have been married since June of 2005.

We'll have to wait and see if it's another girl or not. During an appearance on 'The Ellen Degeneres Show' Affleck memorably said that he never got to be right in his house, because he was always outvoted by the women.

"Yes, I have three women in the house."-Affleck

"And how's that?"-Degeneres

"Well...I get to be wrong three times a day!"-Affleck

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

'Rizzoli & Isles' Returns in November

Yet another reason to be excited about November!

Not only is 'Bones' returning November 3rd, but TNT has just announced that new episodes of 'Rizzoli & Isles' will start airing new episodes on Monday, November 28th at 10 pm. There will be 5 consecutive episodes, which will technically conclude Season 2.

This is excellent news, since normally 'Rizzoli & Isles' is only a summer show.

Right now (according to TNT) the show is averaging about 8.8 million viewers an episode. It will be interesting to see if they can maintain their viewer base in the fall, when they will be competing against a wider range of popular shows.

Also, I'm not quite clear about how Thanksgiving time hiatus will factor in with 'Bones' and other hit shows, so perhaps the fact that the first November episode of 'Rizzoli & Isles' is right after Thanksgiving is an ingenious move.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Halloween Episodes

You know how lots of shows do special Halloween episodes? These episodes tend to take a step away from the normal tone of the show, and become either supernatural (despite general disbelief in that) or humorously dark.
  • 'The Simpsons' did it repeatedly with their "Treehouse of Horror" episodes.
  • 'Friends' did it almost every year. Of course, they celebrated every major American holiday possible! Thanksgiving anyone?
  • 'Dawson's Creek' did it...with episodes jokingly pointing out Williamson's horror background.
  • 'Bones' has done it...with costumes!
And technically 'Rizzoli & Isles' did it tonight. Except it's August, but you know...they're a summer show, so this is basically their October anyway.

Quips & Quotes 'Rizzoli & Isles' -"Bloodlines"

Quotes and Quips from 'Rizzoli & Isles' Witch Hunt Episode
Top "Wait a minute, is this 'Bones'?"
"You think she was set on fire?"-Rizzoli
Isles glares
"I know, I know, you need time and endless tests"-Rizzoli
"My mom's too polite to call her the word that rhymes with 'witch'"-Rizzoli
"What? Bitch!?"-Isles

Top Islesism
"She's very symmetrical"-Isles
"Well, studies have shown that women who have symmetrical facial features are the most attractive to men"-Isles

Top Gay Moment
"Dr. Isles, could I possibly trouble you to host a little family get together?"-Mama Rizzoli
"Of course"-Isles
Um, so Dr. Isles is family now?

Top Straight Moment
Frankie discusses how Rizzoli had a crush on a guy (Steve) in high school and how she even "started wearing dresses". Does this count as straight?

Top "You're like my girlfriend!"
Rizzoli and Isles hang out in a car sharing French Fries while they try to spy on Rizzoli's brother.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Who won 'The Glee Project'?

Who won?

If you're watching it on Hulu you haven't had a chance to view the season finale yet, so don't read below because there are spoilers!

There were actually TWO winners. Damian and Samuel both won 7 episode arcs on 'Glee'.

Lindsay and Alex, who were the two runner-ups, both won 2 episode arcs on 'Glee'.

Originally 'The Glee Project' had only promoted the fact that ONE winner would receive a 7 episode arc on 'Glee', making the presentation of the additional roles a shock to the competitors.

My thought is that Ryan Murphy will use these arcs to judge how successful the four teens are on 'Glee', and will potentially ask one or more of them to remain on the show to fill in spaces left by the original cast (as this will be the final season for most them).

Yet Another Connection

I just realized that in my post way back in April when I mentioned the commonalities between 'Body of Proof' and 'Rizzoli and Isles' I missed one important thing.

Dana Delaney (the star 'Body of Proof) and Sasha Alexander (the star of 'Rizzoli and Isles') were actually co-stars on a show about ten years ago! From 2000-2001 Delaney and Alexander played physicians in the short-lived series 'Presidio Med'. Funny that they're both now playing doctors again!

Unrelated, the show also starred Julianne Nicholson (of 'Ally McBeal') and was Blythe Danner's first return to episodic television since her role in 'Tattingers' in the 1980s.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


As I announced a while ago, Tina Fey recently gave birth to a second daughter on August 10th. Penelope joined big sister Alice (5).

Now, if you all will recall Fey is close friends with Amy Poehler. And Poehler has two sons...Archie (3) and Abel (1), who was born on August 6th last year.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

How cute would it be if the Poehler/Fey kids end up dating? (When they're WAY older, obviously).

Fey's daughter (L) & Poehler's son (R)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Damian Should Win Role on 'Glee'

Why Damian should win 'The Glee Project':

1) Um, because he's the only one still on the show who I like.

2) Seriously, Lindsay is annoying and seems fake, Alex is way too into himself (and while he's a great singer, he can't act), and Samuel isn't that appealing to watch (it's not that he's done anything wrong, I just don't enjoy watching him perform).

3) The winner of the show is only signing on for a 7 episode arc, and it will be easiest to use Damian for this length of time. Why? Because he's Irish! He can be an exchange student. Perfect.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Amber Tamblyn & David Cross--Fake Wedding Guest List

Fake Wedding Guest List Game!
Fictional and Real People Invited to Tamblyn & Cross' Wedding

After my prior post about Amber Tamblyn and David Cross' engagement, I realized that an engagement traditionally (hopefully) leads to a wedding. After glancing at the title of an Entertainment Weekly article ('Tobias Funke to wed Amber Tamblyn: Who should join the wedding party?') I decided to play the wedding guest list game.

Because I'm (obviously) inventing this game, here are the rules I followed:
you can invite fictional or real people...
color code to indicate if they are on the
bride or groom's side:

If you have any suggestions for people I've missed, feel free to add them in the comments

1. Gob (because who doesn't want a non-alliance approved magician at their wedding?)
2. Will Arnett (because who doesn't want Will Arnett at their wedding?)
3. Amy Poehler (bonus! to inviting Will Arnett)
4. Tina Fey (oh, I don't know, I figure she just goes where Amy Poehler goes)
5. Jeff Richmond (I suppose he goes where Tina Fey goes, and maybe he can help out with the wedding music or something)
6. Dr. House (but only if he's on plenty of Vicodin, cause otherwise I think he'd be even more likely to ruin things)
7. Hugh Laurie (bonus! fun foreign accent)
8. Jesse Spencer (bonus! fun foreign accent)
9. Olivia Wilde (because she just seems like she'd have a good time)
10. Dr. Cuddy (always handy to have a doctor on call at a wedding, Lisa Edelstein is out though)
11. Dr. Cameron (what if Cuddy is too drunk or something?)
12. Michael Cera (George Michael is too young to have a good time at a wedding, but Cera can hook up with a bridesmaid)
13. Maeby Funke (anyone who can pretend to find a rabbit foot in a frozen banana can have a good time at wedding, they're mutually exclusive)
14. Lucille Bluth (someone needs to contribute good quality alcohol)
15. Portia de Rossi (she seems nice, and funny, plus she comes with Ellen)
16. Ellen Degeneres (bonus! to inviting Portia de Rossi)
17. Lindsay Funke (cause you need someone to inappropriately hit on all the groomsmen)
18. Ron Howard (I don't know, isn't it traditional to have an announcer at these things?)
19. Jason Ritter (what can we say...he's a Ritter!)
20. Alexis Bledel (because of the Sisterhood)
21. Blake Lively (ditto)
22. America Ferrera (ditto)

David Cross & Amber Tamblyn are Engaged!

Does anyone else remember when news of Amber Tamblyn and David Cross' relationship first hit the blogosphere? It was wayyy back in 2009, and Tamblyn was 25 to Cross' 44. And there was just a little bit of an eww factor. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate them both as actors, and find them incredibly talented. I still remember Tamblyn fondly from her 'Joan of Arcadia' days, and her recent role on 'House' was well done. And since I am one of the hugest 'Arrested Development' fans on the planet, I obviously appreciate Cross' extreme talent. I suppose an age gap of 19 years really isn't that huge (Ellen and Portia are 15 years apart, and no one said anything about that). I think the real issue is that Tamblyn looks sooo young, while Cross looks, well...sooo old.
But she's now 28, and he's now 47, and somehow that age gap seems a little more reasonable (until you realize that she's not even thirty and he's almost fifty! But I digress). They are officially engaged. In fact, they've apparently been engaged for weeks, but (smartly I think!) wanted to enjoy the engagement in private for a while before letting the whole world know. And considering they've been dating for three years it seems like they are a successful couple who will hopefully have a successful marriage. Really, congratulations are in order. And I mean that!

Monday, August 15, 2011

'Rizzoli & Isles' Quips & Quotes: Rebel Without a Pause

"Buttons. Just when you thought you'd heard every motive!"
Season 2, Episode 6
Top "Wait a minute, is this 'Bones'?"
"He was a garbage man, maybe someone wanted him dead"-Rizzoli
"Perhaps someone who didn't like to recycle"-Isles
"Was that a joke?"-Rizzoli
"Uh, only if it's funny"-Isles
"Stabbed or bayonet?"-Rizzoli
"Colonial militia didn't use bayonets until 1778"-Isles
"Maura! Shot or stabbed, or did somebody chew on his hip?"-Rizzoli
"Oh. I don't think that's from a bite"-Isles

Top Islesism
"C'mon Maura, you'll give yourself an's just your mom"-Rizzoli
"Ulcers are cause by H. Pylori and bacteria"-Isles
"Or critical mothers"-Rizzoli

Top Gay Moment
Can I just point Rizzoli's 'relaxing' shoes? And the fact that she changes in the car on the way to a crime scene while Isles drives? Enough said.

"Come onnn, I hate it when you drive"-Rizzoli
"I hate it more when you undress AND drive"-Isles
(So, this happens often, does it?)

Top Straight Moment
Um. Nothing. Shocking, I know.

Top "You're like my girlfriend!"
Isles spends the morning teaching Mama Rizzoli to make croissant, while Rizzoli scoffs at cooking and gesticulates wildly while watching sports.

Rizzoli deals with Isles' mother
"I can see why Maura likes you, you're direct"-Mother Isles
"I'm protective. Maura's my best friend"-Rizzoli
"I can sense there's something you'd like to say to me"-Mother Isles
"Yeah. There is. I don't like seeing my best friend hurt"-Rizzoli

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tina Fey's New Baby!

Tina Fey gave birth to her second child on Wednesday!! It's another girl for Fey and composer husband, Jeff Richmond. It's a little sister, named Penelope Athena, for big sis Alice.

You can watch her original pregnancy announcement (on 'Oprah'!) HERE.

Fey is famous for having doubts about the option of having a second child, which she voiced in her popular memoir, 'Bossypants'.

'Dance Moms'-When Stars Collide, S1 E5

"When Stars Collide"
What Happened During Season 1 Episode 5?

Yet again, what in the world is wrong with Christi? Okay, I agree that she was right when she said that Maddie dancing without a lollipop (while all the other girls were holding one) did draw attention to her. But it also made sense that if they were one short she would be the one to dance without it, because she was in the center. It would have looked very odd if one of the girls on the end was missing a lollipop.

And sure, the talent scout seemed more interested in Maddie than in Christi's daughter Chloe. BUT Maddie is a better dancer than Chloe, and she has more of that cutesy child star look. The harsh truth is that Maddie does appear more talented than Chloe. It's nice (in a way) that Christi thinks so highly of her daughter that she constantly wants to blame other people and make excuses when they surpass her, but the truth of the matter is that Chloe just isn't as good. Maybe her mother should help her build other talents, or help her be happy with what she is capable of, instead of constantly making her feel bad by comparing her to Maddie. Personally I think that Chloe will grow up to be beautiful and poised, and Maddie is seeing her main success as a child star. But Chloe won't be happy if her mother keeps comparing her to another child!

Of course, once again Melissa (Maddie's mother) is not in the clear. She thinks too much of both her children, and while I understood her frustration when her youngest daughter (Mackenzie) refused to sing for the talent scout, I also couldn't help but think back to one of the earliest interviews where Mackenzie admits that she doesn't want to be on Broadway. Why force your child to do something that they don't want to do? Maybe because it's your own dream? And that is sadly clear when Melissa (somewhat jokingly) mentions that maybe the talent scout will like her on stage as well, and cast her with Maddie in something.

Does anyone else think that Christi is being ridiculous? Do you think that Maddie is more talented, or is she receiving attention unfairly? And how do you feel about Melissa pushing her children towards fame?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ellen & Portia come to Boston

Ellen Degeneres and Porti de Rossi Visit Boston. August 10, 2011.

Today, Ellen Degeneres and her wife, actress Portia de Rossi, visited Boston. First they went on a duck tour (see image below) of the city. Then they ended up at Quincy Market in the heart of the city for a quick photo-op with Boston's Mayor, Tom Menino. Crowds of people had gathered in the historic area, including one family who admitted that they had been waiting since "about 9 am".

Ellen and Portia finally pulled up (in the duck boat!) at about 1:30 pm. Unfortunately the podium mic was poor quality, but Ellen said that Boston was her favorite city and that she hoped everyone would still be able to watch her when she moves to her new 4 pm time slot (she even joked that loyal viewers would need to quit their jobs!). Her speech was sadly brief, but she did apologize for this stating that she had to go and do interviews/tape promos. Oh, and she danced a little.

After she briefly disappeared inside Faneuil Hall the majority of the crowd dispersed. I milled around with a few stragglers, and was glad I did! I happened to be standing right next to the door where Portia and Ellen exited to head back to their convoy. I snapped a brief photo of Portia (see above), but my phone's camera didn't recover quickly enough to get one of Ellen too. Of course, this was the one day when I left my real camera at home.

I spent the next 15 minutes being interviewed by ABC5 News, and explaining to an older member of the paparrazi which photos he had were ones of Portia (seriously, it might be good to know what the people your living depends on look like!).

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jacqueline Bisset plays Isles mother on 'Rizzoli & Isles'

We're going to be introduced to a new character on 'Rizzoli & Isles' next week. And that new character is Maura Isles' mother, played by no other than Jacqueline Bisset.

Jacqueline Bisset is no stranger to television. Although she was originally a film star in the '60s, she has gone on to be relatively successful on the smaller screen as well.

Most recently she has had a guest starring, 7 episode role on the popular series 'Nip/Tuck'.

We'll just have to see how many episodes of 'Rizzoli & Isles' she turns up in.

Tune in next Monday at 10 pm on TNT to catch her first appearance!

rizzoli & isles--don't hate the player. season 2 episode 5.

"Don't Hate the Player"
-Rizzoli & Isles Quips & Quotes

Boston does love its Red Sox, and that fact was fully supported in tonight's 'Rizzoli & Isles' episode. Sure, they called the team The Pilgrims, but we all knew what they were talking about.

Top "Wait a minute, is this 'Bones'?"
Rizzoli's bad boy brother is back in town (and out on parole). Hmm, remind anyone of Russ on 'Bones'? Shocking that 'Rizzoli & Isles' and 'Bones' have yet another parallel.
Isles cuts open a heart and examines it
"What is it?"-Rizzoli
"I'd be guessing"-Isles
"God it's torture sometimes"-whispers Rizzoli
"Have you. Seen this. Before"-Rizzoli
"Yes. In propylene glycol poisoning."-Isles

Top Islesism
"What does your gut say?"-Rizzoli
"I don't listen to my intestines"-Isles
After discovering a dead body in the Pilgrim's (baseball team) showers:
"The murder object is a heavy cylindrical object"-Isles
"Hmm, what could it be"-Rizzoli

Top Gay Moment
"Unzip me"-Isles
"Because you can't go like that...We'll trade clothes"-Isles
Rizzoli puts on Isles' dress. Isles glances at Rizzoli's shoes.
"Oh. Those shoes are fashion homicide"-Isles
"Those shoes are foot homicide"-Rizzoli
Rizzoli poses in Isles dress and shoes
"OH. You look sexy"-Isles
"You look, like you're clothes"-Rizzoli
"His balls? Don't they inspect them before they pitch?"-Isles
"Umm, different balls Dr. Isles"-Frost
Rizzoli grins

Top Straight Moment
Sexy baseball players asks Rizzoli out. She accepts.

Top "You're like my girlfriend!"
Rizzoli and Isles watch baseball together.

Top "Huh, this show's basically 'Bones'...lets have a cute convo between our two lead actors"
"I'm off to do my..."gum shoe thing""-Rizzoli
"I shouldn't have used that term"-Isles
"No you shouldn't"-Rizzoli
"Because it actually refers to galoshes, which you aren't wearing"-Isles

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The TCA (Television Critics Association) is mainly men

What is The TCA?
(and who cares if they met?)

The Television Critics Association, often referred to as The TCA, just held their bi-annual meetings, and for once they weren't as secretive as normal. For the first year ever social networking was allowed within the meetings, which meant that dozens of people slouched in chairs throughout the conference rooms tweeting their reactions to the networks' presentations of their newest shows.

If you're curious about what happened in these usually secretive meetings you can just Google 'TCA twitter'.

During the yearly TCA meeting television critics from all over the country gather to hear spiels from networks who are hoping to win them over. The networks are all praying that the snippets they display of their new shows gain popularity amongst the critics, and get favorable reviews both in print and online (which will ultimately translate to a higher initial number of viewers). Essentially, they're hoping for free publicity. And if they don't get it their show could easily crash and burn. Presence on the internet (and particularity good press) is more important than ever.

But who are these TV critics who hold the potential to sway the American public to such a large degree? For one thing, they're largely men. If you go to The TCA website you can see a list of several critics who are members (click on them to see which publications they write for). Of the 77 television critics listed only 24 of them are women. For those of you who prefer percentages, that means that only 31% of the television industry's most recognized TV critics are female. Which really begs the question, how does that influence which shows gain popularity? Sure, gender isn't everything, but it does play some role in our reactions to what we see onscreen. If it didn't the whole concept of chick flicks would be a moot point.

How to you feel about the fact that published television critics are predominantly men? And do you think that plays a role in how different TV shows are received by the American public?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

'Bones' has a new actor!

Is anyone else missing 'Bones' horribly? I can't believe we have to wait until Thursday, November 3rd to see the first episode of the new (7th) season. More info HERE.

Still, at least they're still dropping occasional tidbits about the new season. Note: If you don't want to know anything, don't read the rest of this!

Anyway, as those of you who saw the end of the 6th season know, Vincent Nigel-Murray tragically left the show. That means that there's an opening for a new squintern. And Luke Kleintank is filling that role. He's (in real life) a young actor. Major credits to his name include the roles of Elliot on 'Gossip Girl', Chris on 'No Ordinary Family', and Noah on 'The Young and the Restless'. He also has kind of floppy hair, which I hope gets cut for his role on 'Bones', mainly because I find it irritating.

He'll appear in the second episode of the new season, playing a new squintern who has a problematic past that includes a stint in juvie.

We'll just have to wait to see how it all turns out. Unfortunately, that wait is a solid 5 months.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Rizzoli and Isles has been renewed for a 3rd season


Okay, so we do have to wait until the summer of 2012.
And there are only 15 episodes.
But at least we know that we have something to wait for.

Dance Moms, Christi vs. Melissa

"Dance Moms"--Stealing the Show
Does anyone else have a massive problem with Christi? For one thing, who in the world thinks it's appropriate to yell at lots of other people in front of a group of your children and theirs. Apparently Christi thinks it is perfectly fine, and that really worries me. I am concerned about the impact it has not only on her child, but on all the other children as well. And it certainly did have an impact, almost every girl who was in the room when Christi started to scream burst into tears.

Christi also has unreasonable requests. She wanted Melissa's daughter Maddie to only dance one solo (and not two) because all of the other girls in the troupe were only dancing one solo. However, as both Abby and Melissa explained, Maddie has an extra private tap lesson once a week, and the second solo she was dancing was choreographed by that teacher within the confines of that class. Christi claimed that Maddie should only dance one solo because it gave her an "unfair advantage" in terms of increasing her chances to win. But these dance competitions aren't based on quantity. Christi may not want to believe this, but even if her daughter (Chloe) had danced three separate solos I don't think she would have beat Maddie. Maddie, this week at least, was a more technically perfect dancer. You just have to see how Chloe fumbled during her dance to see that. So, who in the world cares about the number of dances each child does?? It truly does not increase their chances. In fact, I would say that the more dances a child has the more likely it is that she will lose, because she is having to remember double the material accurately.

However, that is not to say that I have no problems with Melissa. After Maddie and Chloe had gone on stage to receive awards, and Maddie had won, Melissa provoked Christi by turning to her and saying, "Still undefeated! Aren't you happy?". When she knew how upset Christi was about Maddie's two solos (regardless of whether that was justified or not) I don't see why she felt the need to continue to antagonize another mother.

Now onto Kelly and her daughter, Paige. They did repeatedly ask Maddie's mom (Melissa) for Paige's dance music. And she didn't get it until 8 pm on the night before the competition. Regardless of how hard the music was to get, that is completely unreasonable. She is a nine-year-old child, and she is supposed to dance successfully based only on counts? Please. Kelly certainly has a point that someone dropped a ball, and we all saw how badly that turned out. Paige froze on stage. And Abby, rather typically, blamed Paige! She was not as well prepared as the other girls, because she did not have her music in time, and that showed.

Finally, I agree with all of the mothers that doing a six hour Acro class the night before a competition is lunancy. However, I also agreed with Abby (this is truly shocking!) that if the children didn't know it at that point they wouldn't know it. Still, I think it would have been far better to run each child through her dance once, and then to send her home to rest before the competition. The mothers are wrong that their children need endless practice in their routines before competition, but Abby is wrong that they need endless practice in something new. Don't make them practice! Let them actually get some sleep.

Monday, August 1, 2011

"Rizzoli & Isles"--Brown Eyed Girl

"She was asphyxiated by the application of a slow constant pressure to her trachea"-Isles

This week's episode of 'Rizzoli & Isles' was a lot less lighthearted than usual. It involved the kidnapped daughter of Jane's old partner. There were even open references to Jaycee Dugard and Elizabeth Smart. Compared to last week's episode full of punch lines this one was very, very dark. Plus, Isles talking to a dead girl as she lies on her slab? Just a little creepy.

In other words, there were lots of quotes, but not a lot of quips.

Serious problems I had with this episode:

1. Why would you not have the little brother who saw the kidnappers sit down with a sketch artist?

2. Also, Jane showing the kid a single photo of the suspected kidnapper and asking him if he recognized her was totally bogus police work. At the very least she should have shown him a collection of different photos and let him pick one.

3. Finally, Jane works in the Boston Homicide department. Yes, the discovery of Sophie's body should have come to them, and yes they should have been working that case. But only after her body was discovered. Not while it was a kidnapping.