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Monday, July 25, 2011

Quips & Quotes, Rizzoli & Isles -- "Sailor Man"

'Rizzoli & Isles' Season 2, Episode 3---"Sailor Man"
Top Islesism
"You and Frost are site specific friends."-Isles
"Wait, would we be friends if we didn't work together?"-Rizzoli
"Well we'd never see each other. It's a false syllogism."-Isles
"You know, all rabbits have whiskers. These animals have whiskers ergo they're rabbits."-Isles

Top Gay Moment
"Well, you don't want to sleep with me..."-Rizzoli
looks at Isles, long pause
" you?!"-Rizzoli

Rizzoli stands behind Isles and slips her arms around her waist. They pose, facing Giovanni (Maura's 'boyfriend'):
"I really really enjoyed your company, but Jane and I we're..."-Isles
"More than BFFs"-Isles
"Yeah, we're LLBFFs"-Rizzoli
"Yeah, like life long BFFs"-Isles
"Get it?"-Rizzoli

Top "Wait a minute, is this 'Bones'?"
"Look at his shoulder to hip ratio...lengthy know what that means!!"-Isles

Top Straight Moment
"I wanted to ask you out."-Giovanni
"It would be faster if we went to my apartment."-Isles
"Um. Faster....(Isles pause to think of an excuse) Faster for me. Because I work long hours." -Isles

Top "You're like my girlfriend!"
Maura and Jane take Mama Rizzoli out for brunch. Together. On a Sunday.

Top "Huh, this show's basically 'Bones'...lets have a cute convo between our two lead actors"
"Is he gone?"-Isles
"Not really."-Rizzoli
"He's kind of like a bedbug."-Rizzoli
(nods) "Hard to eradicate."-Isles

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