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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Horrible Things on Downton Abbey: Season 3 Episode 5

In the never-ending story of misery that is 'Downton Abbey', more horrible things continue to happen to the Crawley family.

Season 3, Episode 5:

Branson wants to name the baby after his dead wife. Lord Grantham is not amused. Branson wants to baptize the baby as a Catholic. Lord Grantham is not amused.

Mary supports Branson on both these points and Lord Grantham agrees. That should not be taken as a sign that he is amused. He's not.

Cora still blames Robert for Sybil's death. Probably because if he wasn't such a patriarch who's into titles his daughter would still be alive. But, you know, Violet's right, it's not his fault at all.

Violet "fixes" things by getting Dr. C to admit that Sybil's chances of survival would have been slim even with his recommended c-section.

Cora cries. Robert cries. They hug, but not joyfully. (This is, after all, 'Downton Abbey').

Anna finds evidence that Bates is innocent. Bate's psycho bunk-mate figures this out and pays the witness to lie. Bates is almost screwed. But then he shows off some stellar intimidation tactics. Who knew he was so skilled? (Also, why isn't he limping more when he walks in a circle around that prison courtyard? Has being incarcerated magically healed his leg?)

Lord Grantham yells at Ethel because she used to be a prostitute and now she's cooking for Mrs. Crawley and how dare she be around his wife and daughters.

Robert is also still pissed at Matthew (probably because Matthew is smarter than him). Lord Grantham is really not being shown in the best light this season.

And that's today's update of 'Horrible Things on Downton Abbey'.

I may not have my innocence, but at least I finally got these goddamn letters.

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