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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Horrible Things on Downton Abbey: Season 3 Episode 6

In the never-ending story of misery that is 'Downton Abbey', more horrible things continue to happen to the Crawley family.

Season 3, Episode 6:

 Bates is freed from prison. That at least is happy. But Thomas is not happy. Mainly because he's been working as Lord Grantham's valet and now what will happen? Also because he hates Bates.

O'Brien has decided she is now anti-Thomas. For the last several episodes she's tried to persuade Thomas that Jimmy is a fan of the same proclivities (that's a fancy way of saying she wants Thomas to think Jimmy's gay too).

Thomas sneaks into Jimmy's room. Jimmy is not happy.

Branson's brother comes to visit. He drinks a lot of beer. He also wants to hang with servants. None of the Crawley's are very happy, but at least Mary proves that she can be quite nice when she wants to be (which is apparently rarely).

Baby Sybil is baptized a Catholic. The Anglicans aren't terribly happy.

Edith still wants to be a journalist; Lord Grantham still thinks it's a stupid idea.

Matthew and Robert are still fighting over who's the smartest or something (it has to do with money...doesn't it always?).

And that's today's update of 'Horrible Things on Downton Abbey'.

Photo op attempt 2 (we all know how that wedding turned out).

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