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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Horrible Things on Downton Abbey: Season 3 Episode 4

In the never-ending story of misery that is 'Downton Abbey', more horrible things continue to happen to the Crawley family.

Season 3, Episode 4:

Edith is briefly happy again because the newspaper liked her writing. In fact, they liked it so much they want her to write a regular column. Of course, her happiness is short-lived because once again her family thinks that any idea of Edith's is bound to be a stupid one.

Matthew finds out Lord Grantham is bad with money (big surprise there, didn't he almost lose the estate last week?). Robert is not happy that Matthew is meddling. Mary is not happy that Matthew is meddling. No one is very happy this week.

Lord Grantham (I suppose we know him well enough to call him Robert?) wants a fancy baby doctor, so he brings Sir Philip from London. Sir Philip is kind of a pompous know-it-all. It's almost bad enough that we start to feel sorry for last season's pompous know-it-all Dr. Clarkson.

Dr. C points out that Sybil probably has preeclampsia. But Robert ignores him and listens to the titled guy. Cora is not very happy.

Then she's even less happy.

Sybil dies in childbirth.

(Continuing the 'Downton' trend of people appearing to be fine after a health scare, then dying 5 minutes later while the entire family is in the room. *cough*Lavinia*cough*).

Cora blames Robert.

Ethel gives up baby Charlie to that horrible man who yelled at her last season. She knows he'll get a better life that way. I would argue with that (considering how horrible that man is) but then I remember that Ethel's working as a prostitute and where the hell does Charlie go while that's happening?

And that's today's update of 'Horrible Things on Downton Abbey'.

Let me say some things before I die.

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