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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Watch Dexter Season 7 Without Watching Prior Seasons

 spoilers for seasons 1-6. No season 7 spoilers.

Season seven of 'Dexter' was brilliant.

It may have seemed less brilliant if it weren't for the massive failures of seasons four through six, but regardless, it was a strong season.

When I first watched the seventh season I had only watched seasons one through three and part of season four. I got so frustrated after Jimmy Smits that I had to give up on the show.

But then I heard wonderful things about the seventh season and I caved. I watched it. Without watching any of the seasons inbetween.

And believe it or not that worked just fine.

Most of the back-story referenced this season took place during the first three seasons, and the major plotpoints (i.e. Rita's death) I had already learned about through watercooler conversations.

Although it wouldn't be quite as fun I think it would be relatively easy to watch season seven as a newbie without having seen any of the prior seasons. All you'd need would be minimal knowledge:

  • Dexter is a serial killer who kills guilty people when the justice system fails to put them behind bars.
Dexter played by Michael C. Hall
  • When Dexter was a child his mother was a CI for a police officer named Harry. Dexter's mother was murdered in front of him. Harry rescued Dexter from a pool of blood and decided to raise him. When it became apparent that Dexter had psychopathic tendencies Harry taught him a "code" (see above).

  • His sister is really his foster sister, her name's Deb, and she's the lieutenant of homicide.
Deb played by Jennifer Carpenter

  • Dexter works at homicide as a blood spatter analyst.

  • In Season 1 Deb was almost killed by Dexter's biological brother. He was known as the "Ice Truck Killer". He wrapped his victims in plastic mimicking Dexter's own preparations. Dexter saved Debra.

  • Dexter's wife (Rita) was killed a few years ago. They had one son, who Dexter has custody of, though the toddler (Harrison) is mainly raised by a nanny. Rita had two children (Cody and Astor) who now live with their grandparents.

  • Last season Deb realized that she might have romantic feelings for her "brother" (who's really no relation) but was disgusted by the thought.

  • In Season 2 Dexter was almost caught by a black cop named Doakes. He died trying to prove Dexter's guilt. Dexter framed him as the "Bay Harbor Butcher"...though Dexter was really the butcher.
Doakes played by Erik King

  • Doakes had a romantic relationship with LaGuerta, who is the captain of homicide.
LaGuerta played by Lauren Velez
Last season ended with Dexter's foster sister Deb walking in on him...right after he'd killed someone.

  Watch the 7th season of 'Dexter' to find out what happens next!

'Dexter' will be back on Showtime for an eighth and (probably) final season in June.

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