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Friday, June 7, 2013

The Goodwin Games: Yay or Nay?

Execs at CBS certainly didn't think 'The Goodwin Games' had the "it" factor. After all, the show wasn't picked up the fall schedule, even though CBS chose to pick up four other new comedies.

Now that the show's been relegated to the summer line-up it seems like it's a lost cause. So why watch it?

Honestly, the number one reason is because in a sea of summer shows and so-so reruns, 'The Goodwin Games' is a new comedy that's airing new episodes each week. Sure we have 'Baby Daddy' and 'Melissa and Joey' but some of us like to look for more than that particular brand of ABC Family comedy.

'The Goodwin Games' isn't wonderful, but it's an enjoyable half-hour romp. The three siblings, played by Becki Newton, Scott Foley, and T.J. Miller, will be familiar to most viewers. As will, perhaps unfortunately, the impetus for the plot.

The siblings have returned home to attend their father's funeral only to discover that he was A) incredibly rich and B) if they want his money they'll need to complete a series of challenges that he's dictating from the grave by way of video recordings.

As I said, the plot is actually a familiar one. For one thing, it mimics the plot set forth in the made for TV Canadian movie, 'Shadow Island Mysteries: The Last Christmas'. For another, it is extraordinarily reminiscent of the best-selling book 'The Westing Game'.

While it's no 'How I Met Your Mother', this show from creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas (as well as Chris Harris) has enough twists and turns to keep viewers intrigued, even if it is just for a summer.

We can only hope the 7 episode order offers us some sort of conclusion.

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