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Thursday, November 15, 2012

People's Choice Awards 2013!

The People's Choice Awards are in! Apparently that's all the motivation I need to update this blog. I don't need anything as major as the Emmys to get my act together. A meaningless ceremony (otherwise known as a popularity contest where those who win are those who understand the internet and tweens best) is all it takes. So, I guess take note or something?


The televised show isn't until January 9th, 2013 but you can vote for the nominees now.*

*If you voted before you weren't actually casting a "ballot" (that seems too serious a term for this event) but rather indicating who you wanted to be nominated. Now that they actually are nominated they need your vote again to actually win. Aww, democracy at work.

 Since this blog focuses on television, here are the TV nominees (along with some slightly snide commentary)...

Favorite Network TV Comedy
~Glee (at best this is a dramedy)
~The Big Bang Theory (please no)
~New Girl (acceptable)
~How I Met Your Mother (acceptable)
~Modern Family (please dear God, not again)

Favorite Network TV Drama
~Grimm (eh)
~Grey's Anatomy (acceptable)
~Gossip Girl (not happening. oh wait, tweens!)
~Once Upon a Time (acceptable, not that I watch this)
~Revenge (I don't know what's more intense than a drama, but this is it)

Favorite Cable TV Comedy
~Awkward (hilarious)
~Hot in Cleveland (oh Betty White)
~It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (always acceptable...for awards, not for political correctness)
~Melissa & Joey (um? no Baby Daddy?)
~Psych (all right)

Favorite Cable TV Drama
~Leverage (where is Rizzoli & Isles?)
~Burn Notice (definitely)
~Pretty Little Liars (this isn't season one anymore tweens)
~The Walking Dead (completely)
~White Collar (okay)

Favorite Premium Cable TV Show
~Dexter (after this season? well deserved)
~Game of Thrones (meh)
~Homeland (obviously)
~Spartacus (I don't even know what this is)
~True Blood (wait! Is it 2008?)

Favorite TV Crime Drama
~Bones (I love you Hart Hanson, but this season?)
~Castle (yes, please)
~Criminal Minds (questionable)
~CSI (no)
~NCIS (I don't think so)

Favorite Sci-fi/Fantasy Show
~Doctor Who (clarification would be helpful)
~Once Upon a Time (why do they get two categories?)
~Supernatural (no)
~The Vampire Diaries (tweens)
~The Walking Dead (yes)

Favorite Comedic TV Actor
~Chris Colfer (is it comedy?)
~Jesse Tyler Ferguson (don't you have an Emmy?)
~Jim Parsons (Emmy?)
~Neil Patrick Harris (please)
~Ty Burrell (Emmy)

Favorite Comedic TV Actress
~Jane Lynch (okay)
~Kaley Cuoco (not this year)
~Lea Michele (no)
~Sofia Vergara (Emmy?)
~Zooey Deschanel (this seems likely)

Favorite Dramatic TV Actor
~Ian Somerhalder (maybe)
~Jared Padalecki (who?)
~Jensen Ackles (next year)
~Nathan Fillion (yes please. also, Twitter)
~Paul Wesley (possible)

Favorite Dramatic TV Actress
~Ellen Pompeo (good crier)
~Emily Deschanel (wait, no Boreanaz?)
~Ginnifer Goodwin (possible)
~Nina Dobrev (maybe)
~Stana Katic (she wasn't here last year!)

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  1. The Walking Dead is the best show by far. Best show in the world, vote for it!