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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Castle Season 6 Premiere & Potential Spoilers

In one short week the sixth season of 'Castle' will be premiering on ABC.

Thinking back over the last four seasons, it's easy to say that 'Castle' is a show that has succeeded in character growth. Beckett and Castle have both made strides and bounds in terms of mental and emotional well-being. Now even bigger changes are coming our way.

Although ABC and Andrew Marlowe (the creator of 'Castle') have been trying to keep a wrap on details of this season's premiere, it's pretty easy to piece together the key points. Stop reading now if you want to avoid potential spoilers (though keep in mind that I haven't seen the premiere and these are merely my best guesses--we'll see if they hold true).

1) Castle proposed at the end of last season, will Beckett say yes?
My best guess is that she will accept, however she'll first provide him with an opportunity to back out when she admits that she already took that job in Washington.

2) Will Beckett take the FBI job?
See above. Yes she will. This is basically a given considering that Kate is portrayed as a strong, independent, career-driven woman. However, I think she'll be engaged to Castle and he'll visit her frequently. Esposito, Ryan and Lanie will remain in the city (as will Alexis and Martha!) and consult occasionally. Best guess is that this is a short-lived move (I'm hoping for no more than 5 episodes). Beckett will initially have a hard time because she's used to being in-charge and the in the middle of the action, and the FBI job won't afford her that luxury.

3) So what's happening to Ryan & Esposito & Lanie & Martha & Alexis?
They'll stay in NY. This isn't 'Dawson's Creek' and the characters can't always end up in the same city because one person wants to move. In early episodes they'll consult and Castle will still investigate crimes with them. He'll visit Beckett occasionally (I assume in the premiere). She'll realize what she's missing and eventually come home.

look how much they've grown

Castle will premiere Monday, September 23rd at 10/9C on ABC

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